Dragon Age Final OmenMature

A story that continues from the game Dragon Age Origins

Long, long ago the Maker himself prowled these lands, from the tallest mountains to the lowest caves. For long time the Maker protected these lands from his citadel, but then one day he saw the depravation that slowly filled his lands and in his sadness he left, leaving the world helpless and confused.

Soon the corruption of the races lead them to war and with war came great hatred, as the old mages were cast out and left for the dark citadel where the darkness has corrupted their souls.

The humans have enslaved their old allies the immortal elves that soon have laid themselves to the endless slumber of death. And their children have fought for their lives for generations.

Then one day the darkspawn came to the lands of humans. Like a plague they destroyed all in their wake, guided by the power of the old god corrupted by darkness turned to an Archdaemon.

Then inevitably Gray Wardens formed to defeat the darkness of the first blight, and through great sacrifices and many months of fighting the monster was slain, a hero has given his life to encage the dragon within.

Then an empire came to the land, seeing the destruction the old god has brought they have decided to rid the world of such. And soon the Tevinter empire has slain the last of dragons that lived within the dragon peaks that now sung of pains and death, abandoned by life itself.

Among the great heroes and great villains the time has passed to the day of the Dragon Age when he dragons have returned to these lands. And I am the wind and the memory of the days past, the great victories and great defeats that all have suffered or achieved.

And soon the next blight came and a hero stood beyond the death of the new king of Ferelden and has taken the Archdaemon down, but he did not fall to it like many have done so before. He lived and stood to protect the lands from the darkness. A dark secret he has left had not escaped my sight, as a child was born deep within the Kokari Wilds with a great and dark future ahead of him.

This is where our story truly begins, deep within the Wilds where a woman held her child as three men have approached her their intention more sinister than any before.

The End

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