I crouched on the hill and watched him with blazing eyes. David was standing beside his dragon, Amta. She was a beautiful, pure black breed that is usually found in the eastern plains. She was a young Juvenile, with almost all of her flying ablities mastered. She was perfect.

I stood up and turned to my own dragon, Cruzure,who was a lovely shade of yellow, and sometimes in the sunsets he would look golden. At the time he was only still only a dragonet but he had started the flying process, so I jumped on his back. It was a nice feeling being on the back of a dragon. His scales were beautifully smooth, they felt like silk.

Cruzure, lets go. I thought and he took to the skys.

Where do you want me to land? Cruzure replied.

Just behind Amta. As always he obeyed, flew to Amta and landedjust behind her. I dismounted and marched over to David.

"David, over here." I shouted. He turned swiftly. On seeing me, he sighed.

"What do you want." He yelled back.

We met beside where I was watching him and we stared at each other for a moment. My burning red eyes against his emerald green once. It was him that broke the stare.

"What do you want." He repeated.

"Your friend John told me that you wanted to meet me here. I dunno why."

He laughed. It was one of their silly pranks. "As much as I would like to stay and irritate you Kayla, I have other places to be."

"Like?" I didn't really care, i was curious.

He sighed again, but he didn't want an arguement. "I'm heading to the meadow, north of the race course." David said, as he pulled himself onto Amta. "Romour has it there's gonna be a fight there. I would say, 'I hope to see you there' but it's not girls territory." He laughed. I gave him an evil glance as hi tookoff and soon he was out of sight.

I walked over to Cruzure. Wanna go? he asked

I hesitated, then I thought about what David had said. I had a sudden urge, and wanted to prove him wrong. Lets go.

The End

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