Drafting Horror

This is a story I had to write for Drafting class. Every morning we have to write journals, but for Halloween our teacher told us to write a Halloween story using 10 vocabulary words (e.g., circle, radius, compass.) So, here it is. Hope you enjoy it! NOTE: I modified the story as I copied onto here, like I usually do. Anyway, the story was already longer than our teacher wanted it.

          I'm probably too old to go Trick-Or-Treating. Despite this, though, I go door-to-door every year begging for candy. Collectively I've probably hit almost every house in town at least five times.

          Every house, except one. The one house nobody dares go up to. All the adults say it's empty, and has been for years. The kids know better. We've seen things. Dark figures in the window. A light on upstairs. I once heard a scream when I walked by The House. Whether it was ghosts, monsters, or humans, someone or something lived in that house.

          I'm not going to lie to you here. I'm a coward. Everybody knows it, too. Every year I got out my divider, compass, and scale and plot my route around town. Every year I made sure I didn't come within a mile radius of The House. Literally. I drew a circle on the map to mark a 1-mile radius around it.

          But last year, I went into The House.I had to. My whole candy load was staked on it. That year I'd filled two pillowcases, too!

          So, into The House I ventured. As I walked up the driveway, the trees rustled. I tried to tell myself it was the wind, but the air was still. When I got to the door, I paused. Gathering up all of the courage in my body, (which wasn't much) I knocked. The door opened, with no one behind it. I told myself the force of my knock had opened the door. I walked in and looked around.

          I was in the living room. There was a couch covered in a sheet, a side table on either side of it, a coffee table in front, a recliner, and what seemed to be the first television ever made.

          The next room was the kitchen. There was bright moonlight streaming in from the large window above the rusted old sink. This room isn't so bad, I thought, I'll stay here. I sat at the table and started to sketch on the tablecloth. NOTE: Yes, I carry a pencil with me at all times, as well as a book.
          I finally got bored with that, so I pulled out my book. I'd only started to read when I heard the floorboards creaking. They stopped and I told myself it had only been my imagination. It was easy enough to believe, it had happened before in my own home. A few minutes passed and they started again. Creak, creak, creak. There was no denying it this time.

          I forced myself to ignore it and focus on my book. Finally, the creaking stopped again. Then the kitchen door gave a loud creeeaak and there stood a very tall man. The next instant, he was gone.

          Within 15 minutes, I'd once again convinced myself it had been my imagination. As soon as I had though, I heard a piercing shriek from upstairs. I raced up the steps to see who it was. 

         When I reached the top of the staircase, I was greeted with a horrifying scene. A man was standing there using a file pad to file his fingers down! I ran past him into the nearest room, only to find a woman trying to stab herself with a 30 60 90 triangle.

          The next room was filled with bloody eraser shields, and the bodies of the people they had killed. The one after that had a man who was prying his own fingernails off with a 45 45 90 triangle.

          Finally I ran back downstairs. Panting, I sat back down in the kitchen chair. Is this worth it?, I asked myself. It was two whole pillowcases filled with candy! I decided to stay in the kitchen.

          All through the night I was haunted by horrifying noises, but I made it to morning. The minute the sun rose, I stumbled out of the house to claim my candy. The boys I'd made the bet with reluctantly handed it over and congratulated me.

          I knew people would scoff if I told them what had happened in The House, but I know what I saw. So, even if you don't believe me, this is my true Halloween story. And this year, I'm widening my radius to 2 miles.

The End

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