Draft 2

A flash of red cut a path through the city.

The city was a phosphorescent blink, a heaving metropolis of dark spires haphazardly punctuated in little lamplights and flickering bulbs. Little alleyways that jutted out and spread through the city like a tangled cobweb were dimly lit with overhung lanterns. Delineated in the murky diffusion of city lights, caliginous and foreboding, towers rose from the city’s core, behemoth structures stretching skyward, cruising towards the swollen clouds that swallowed the lunar lights.

Beyond the city, and from every corner, darkness lurked. With the flickering of flame, and the luminary throb of arcane electrical circuits, darkness swelled and receded, like a phantom tide slowly creeping across the vast cityscape.

The air was cool and still. Solitary remnants of summer heat loitered on the wind. A veil of mist hung around the city like a scattered halo.

Within the city, something, someone, moved with purpose.

Little dark feet scurried through the cobbled alleyways, past the revolutionary scream of backstreet graffiti and the shrouded clusters of the homeless. Wearing a hooded crimson cape, a feminine form traced her way through the back alleys and to the open space of larger city streets. She clung to the gloom. Her fingers lacing patterns along the smoked ochre brickwork as she lurked deeper into the shadows.

Under more reliable street light, a strange mechanical contraption sputtered and choked as it trundled past the unseen figure in the darkness. The machine seemed to make it’s way slowly towards a cluster of white, imperial looking buildings.

This complex of ivory-coated domes and towers pocked with dirty windows was the Energy Guild, home to adepts of energy. Skilled individuals were sent here from all over the continent, from all different backgrounds to study and master their skills.

From a black face, dark eyes followed the strange vehicle as it pulled up outside the main doors of the Guild. The vehicle was a marvel of engineering; cogs and brass pipes twisted around each other tied together like metallic organs, forming incomprehensible mechanisms within that moved the machine.

Three cloaked figures stepped out of the vehicle from a door that had previously been hidden by a mosaic of knotted pipes, meant purely as a means to hide the carriage.

The doors of the great Energy Guild folded open, inwards from an invisible force inside. The three figures entering relieved themselves of their heavy cloaks. Their appearance was dazzling.

Long, slender bodies; pale white skin; ears pointed at the tips; slightly angled, wide eyes, their Elven appearance was unmistakable. Each had a different pattern of tattoos in colourful inks splayed down their necks.

From the shadows, the figure filling the flowing red cape exploded. Jet black, bare feet pressed into the hard cobbles and stones. Hardened against treacherous terrain, the girl was light on her feet, a hunter. Animalistic and ferocious, the girl shed her red skin and carried on, unclothed, black as night, knife in hand. 

The End

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