Draft: UD Project One

I'm trying to start a book, but finding it very hard to get going, I keep questioning myself about how good it is, so I'm looking for some genuine feedback.


A flash of red cut a trail through the city.

The city was a phosphorescent blink, a heaving metropolis of dark spires haphazardly punctuated in little lamplights and flickering bulbs. Little alleyways that jutted out and spread through the city like a tangled cobweb were lit dimly with overhung lanterns.

Delineated in the murky diffusion of city lights, caliginous and foreboding, towers rose from the city’s core, behemoth structures stretching skyward, cruising towards the clouds.

Beyond the city, and from every corner, darkness lurked. With the flickering of flame, and the luminary throb of arcane electrical circuits, darkness swelled and receded, like a phantom tide slowly creeping across the vast cityscape.

The air was cool and still. Solitary remnants of summer heat loitered on the wind. A veil of mist hung around the city like a scattered halo.

Little dark feet scurried through the cobbled alleyways, past the revolutionary scream of backstreet graffiti and the shrouded clusters of the homeless. Wearing a hooded crimson cape, the little girl traced her way through the back alleys and to the open space of larger city streets. She clung to the shadows.

Dirty, dark red velvet hung hooded over a darker face. Black as a star deprived abyss, the child’s hands laced finger after finger along the smoked ochre brickwork as she lurked deeper into the shadows.

Strange mechanical contraptions sputtered and choked as they trundled along down the street. This street was newer, cleaner, and flatter. The machine that seemed to make it’s way slowly towards a cluster of white, imperial looking buildings was a mesh of cogs and brass tubes that seemed to tie together in a knot of metallic organs. A dirty grey smoke billowed out from a tube that sprouted out from near the top of the vehicle.

Caucasian domes and spires pocked with cracked windows were scattered around the large complex at the end of the wide street. Pulling up in front of a particularly large dome with larger than necessary doors, the automobile’s engine fired to punctuate their journey.

Still hanging in the shadow, the vague figure of the small hooded girl froze as the three figures evacuated their vehicle and checked their surroundings before making their way to the cumbersome doors, swinging open inwards, tugged by an invisible force inside.



The End

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