Chapter 6 - Rough Draft

Chapter  6                  What are you going to do?

JR impatiently asked, “What are you going to do next?” Curtis replied, “Both were in danger. Would JR help? They needed to learn what, where, and when to observe.” JR, gulped down the rest of the second shot. He replied, “Count me in.”

Curtis noted that they would apply the same principle that Daemon had applied: eyes wide shut. They would hide in plain sight. They would do their normal routines. Their hidden agenda was theirs alone. No one else could know. The same “need to know” rules that Daemon used applied to them too.

JR said, “The safe house was compromised. Daemon would know that it existed when they entered.” Curtis agreed and tossed back the rest of his second shot. Curtis reflected, thinking aloud, “JR, how are we gonna get out of here undetected? The safe house would be a place that they could talk, but Daemon would know something was being hidden from him.” “Exactly the case,” JR replied.

Curtis, relaxed said, “The good booze was stored in the safe room. It was always cool in there. The safe room was the best place to go for a drink.” Simple. Curtis said, “He would invite Daemon over for a drink and introduce him to JR.”

No plan of action could be discussed. They needed to learn more. Curtis said looking at JR with a smile, “How many times did they do the impossible?” 

Curtis said, “JR, nothing stopped us. We produced results. Remember when they said that the KW26 Crypto Computer could not be decrypted? It used the Fibonacci Code as a universal code line that never repeated itself with, a noise diode that randomly started the code line change based on random noise?” JR Remembered the Fibonacci Code. The KW26 took the numbers derived from the Golden Ratio and converted them into a binary code.

Curtis said, “Recall it was impossible to decode (break) the Fibonacci coding, our project broke the code lines?” Curtis and JR were original thinkers.

Curtis told JR, “He had developed a method whereby they could securely communicate. It exceeded the need-to-know granularity. All data stored and processed by multi-level information systems security initiative (MISSI). This begins the process to stop Daemon.”

Curtis had completed a recent study of Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS), time-hopping spread spectrum (THSS), chirp spread spectrum (CSS), and combinations of these techniques that used forms of spread spectrum.

No one knew of the technique where Curtis used sunlight, moonlight, or starlight as the carrier. Any source of ambient light would work. The noise was filtered. He got the idea when he answered his doorbell and the motion detector on his porch light had turned on the light.

Perhaps if he developed a transmitter that sensed where information had changed the environment, and he filtered the ambient noise out, he could transmit and receive all over the world using existing light. There was always light available. He used light filters that enabled him to work in infrared and visible light.

Curtis had developed The Golden Ratio that was used to generate infinite positive or negative values encryption methods. These techniques employed pseudorandom number sequences that determined and controlled the spreading pattern of the signal across infinite bandwidth that was based on transmitting short duration pulses. It was triple random encryption of the Golden Ratio encryption process.

He had figured how to monitor the infinite spectrum for desired key codes that enabled him to transmit to a receiver that could decode his ambient infinite spectrum. The quantum codes were infinite.

Curtis and JR agreed to use Curtis’ newly discovered communication process that did not use headphones or use electrical or mechanical devices. Their special eye contacts provide visual communication.

Curtis, getting a glass of water, told JR, “The real breakthrough was the transmitting side. Reducing the transmitter to a transparent contact lens was difficult.”

Curtis told JR, “His special eye contacts would be available next week at JR’s optometrist.” They said good night and JR left.

Curtis had six pairs of the special communication eye contact lens that could be worn 24/7 for a month before requiring to be cleaned. They could be modified for individual needs.

The End

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