"Whoo!" a smile spread across Mia's face when she heard the thousands of cheers as she came up to the last 100m of the race. With her video camera in her hand, she noticed her mum, dad and brother waiting for her near the finish line, she knew they would be so proud. Mia smiled, put her head back, closed her eyes and let the wind brush against her face.

She'd been training for months now, every day. Mia just knew she had to do this for herself and her family. The Boston marathon seemed like the perfect opportunity, Mia wanted to become a different person, set herself goals and have a fresh start. With the help of her brother Zac, Mia was in a completely new mindset. This very moment, when the wind was sweeping her off her feet, reminded mia how wonderful life really was when you have family in it. Everything was perfect....

But all of a sudden, that perfect moment slipped away. Screaming, crying as far as mia could hear, a huge deafening boom echoing through the street. It was a warzone, and mia felt the ground shake as she fell over twisting her ankle, she opened her eyes.. everywhere was white smoke, she couldn't hear out of her left ear but she knew something terrible had just happened, about 20 seconds later another booming explosion broke out, nearly 100metres away.

Mia screamed and was blown back onto the cement, her first thought was her family. Along with 20 or so others mia launched towards where the first boom went off near a little cafe, the fence had been smashed over, with sharp wood sticking out everywhere. While everyone helped to move it.

Mia gasped. "OH MY GOD!".

Groups of people were surrounding the cafe, on the ground, bleeding. Limbs blown off in every direction, shock and terror could be smelt from a mile away. With the video camera still in her hands, mia was getting full footage of the scene.

"what happened?!" she kept screaming "it’s a bomb, it was a bomb!" mia heard a young man carrying a little boy with no legs to the ambulances.

Only 4 hour hours into the marathon and there was nothing but chaos and panic in this little street of Boston. Hyperventilating, mia grabbed as many people as she could and reached them to safety. The police were running everywhere, frantic that another explosion might go off. All hot and flustered, she felt dizzy…..slowly as everything surrounding her became blurry, mia fell and hit her head.




"it’s ok sweetie, you're alright". Mia heard a woman's soft voice above her. "You just fainted". 

All mia could remember was screaming and shoving and white smoke…..

"My family!" Mia cried. "Where are they?! Are they ok?!" She could hardly get the words out.

The lady just gave her a long, sad look… "Look sweetie, I'm just going to go get the doctor ok?" she said as she walked out the door.

Panicking, mia grabbed the blanket and pulled it up near her face. All she needed was an answer. Was her family ok. A tall thin man came In and looked her solemnly in the eye,

"how are you feeling Mia?" he asked with a friendly smile.

 Fury rose inside Mia, how dare he come in smiling and ask her how she was feeling? 

"I'm fine, now where is my family?!".

 "your brother is fine, he's in the emergency room, but…"

"NO!" Mia didn’t want to hear any buts, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to listen to what he had to say next. "No, I'm not listening to you, I don’t believe you, my family are fine, I know they are, they're just….".

 "I'm sorry mia, they, they didn’t make it…" Mia felt sick, her stomach lurched and she choked.

"No…. They cant, I". The tears rushed down Mia's cheeks as she screamed to let her go and find her family.

The doctor just held her and said "I know Mia, I know. I'm so sorry…". "Take me to him! Take me to my brother!" Mia whispered, but she could hardly sit up let alone walk.

"Mia, you need to rest, you're pail as a ghost, your ankle is broken and..".

"Stop!! Just take me to him!" Mia sobbed and she felt whoozy.

The doctor just looked at the lady and nodded, after being put Into a wheelchair the lady, who happened to be a nurse, took mia into the emergency room to see her brother.

"Zac". Mia smiled as a tear rolled down her face, she squeezed his hand and kissed it softly. His eyes weren't open, and his legs were covered…." "What happened to him?" mia asked.

"The bomb exploded 10 metres away from your family Mia, and, well he lost the lower half of his leg, just below the knee".

 Mia felt her heart drop, "Is he going to be ok?".

"He's in intensive care but he'll be fine" the nurse smiled, and left Mia with her brother.


After hours of crying and sleeping, Mia tried to remember everything she could from earlier that day. As she sat in the waiting room of the hospital, a handsome boy with green eyes and dimples walked towards her.

"You probably don’t remember but when you fainted, I brought you here". Mia just stared in confusion.

 "Oh um, thankyou.." She didn’t know what to say, he just saved her life so she had to say something.

He smiled and sat down with her, "how does your ankle feel?" He asked with a worried look on his face.

 "Uhh fine I guess, I kind of forgot about it, wait… how did you know I hurt it?"

"I uh, I saw you fall over and twist it when the explosion went off."

Mia took this in, "oh ok, well".

 "I was watching you run, and then I saw you fall and I rushed right over." He gave her an awkward smile.

"Well thankyou I guess, I don’t really know what to say."

 He laughed and put out his hand, "I'm Alex by the way".

 "Nice to meet you, I'm M-" "Mia, I know". Mia was confused yet mesmerised that this boy knew this much about her. Just then the nurse came out and called Mia, "he's awake". She said with a smile.

Without hesitating, Mia jumped up, "oh, thanks again, Alex".

"No worries, Mia". He leaned forward again, making her heart stop. "If you're ever in any more trouble, just call." He said as he slipped a piece of paper into Mia's pocket, and smiled.

 His gaze was so mesmerising yet annoying, they had only just met, her parents were dead, her brother in hospital and already he was HITTING on her! She watched as he walked away with his hands in his jean pockets, she took a deep breathe … ZAC! She'd been so caught up with 'Alex' that she forgot about her brother.

Running to his room, she launched herself towards him for a hug. "Mia, you're ok” he said with a smile.

 “I know, I wouldn’t have been if Alex hadn’t saved me.” She smiled.

“Who, who’s Alex?” He asked protectively. He’d always been funny about the subject of boys, just like Mia’s dad.

“Oh don’t worry Zac, he’s just some guy, gosh don’t act so much like dad. She laughed but then realised what she just said.

“Um Zac? Have they told you what happened today… With mom and dad?” her eyes became watery.

“NO! What happened? Are they ok?! Are they waiting outside?! Did they lose limbs?! Are the doctors taking care of them!?” Mia choked.

 She didn’t want to tell him, but she had to… “No Zac, they’re not ok. They’re… dead Zac.”

The look on his face said it all. He didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want to believe it. “No, no Mia, there must be a mistake, they can’t be.”

“Dead. Well they are Zac”. Mia’s tears soaked her jumper, she’d already gone through a whole box of tissues. Zac just stared in disbelief, he too got tears.

“Zac I love you” Mia cried.

 “Shhhhh I do too Mia, I love you and I’m never going to let anything happen to you”.

They laid there and hugged, both eventually falling asleep in each others arms. Around midnight, Mia woke up, she noticed her video camera was still around her neck.

“oh my god” she whispered. She never stopped recording… At around 3:00 Zac woke her up.

“Mia come on its ok, your safe”. Mia was panting and as she looked down she saw her clammy body, dripping with sweat.

All night she’d been replaying the video, everything came back to her.

“Mia, I think you had a nightmare. I woke up to you tossing and turning, you kept crying… and then I saw the video camera in your hand”. Mia remembered all of it.

“Zac, I remember, all, all the bodies…” Mia was going to vomit, Zac just leaned over and hugged her. Choking, with tears in her eyes, Mia spoke.

 “There was blood everywhere, people, their… all their limbs just, blown off”. Zac just held her… “Mia, I’m so sorry , I can’t imagine what you went through.”

Through her struggle, Mia quietly whispered “We will find out who did this. We will stop at nothing. And when we find them… We will show them no mercy, and kill them…”

Zac was taken back. “Mia, what? Don’t, don’t think like that. Let’s just get you better, come on I’ll get the nurse, we’ll get you a bed. You need to rest Mia, you don’t know what you’re saying, it must be the pills”.

But Mia did know what she was saying. She needed to get out of there… Because at that moment, Mia only felt one thing. She’d lost her parents, her brother’s legs, and her forgiveness… She wanted revenge.


BEEP BEEP BEEP! “Arghh shut up”. Mia groaned as her noisy alarm went off.

Four days after the hospital, she was still getting used to the normal everyday routine. Things were harder now, Mia felt lonely, without her mum, dad and brother, every day drained on and on. She was still visiting Zac every afternoon to check up on him, but she felt like everyone she loved had been torn away from her.

“Yes yes I’m coming, chill. Yeah I just got up”. Mia pressed end and chucked her phone on the bed, Zac checked up on her every morning making sure she didn’t forget to see him in the morning visiting hours.

“Hi”, Mia kissed him on the cheek as she entered the room with flowers, “how are you doing?”.

“well I’ve been better, I mean I’m kind of legless right now so”. Zac gestured to the free space under his blanket.

 “Right right, well I should go, gotta do some errands and more boring stuff like that”. She didn’t want him worrying about her, he had enough on his plate as it was.

“Yeah… not buying that Mia, what are you really doing?”. He always knew when she was lying.

“Okay. Well I’m… I’m going to see mum and dad”. He didn’t look very pleased.

“Mia, we promised we wouldn’t do that for at least a few more weeks, when I’m better, we could go see them together”.

Really, it wasn’t that Zac wanted to wait, he didn’t want to have to visit his parents grave at all. “well I’m not coping with all this Zac and I need closure, I need to see them. I, I gotta go.”

 “Mia, I love you just remember that”. With tears in her eyes, Mia nodded and walked away.

What Zac didn’t realise is that Mia never had any intention of running errands, or visiting the cemetery. For the past few weeks, she’d kept it secret, sure she had been visiting her parents and she did need closure. But something else was haunting her mind, nightmare after nightmare of that day, and the hospital. Mia finally realised the signs and knew she had to do something.

Seek revenge.

The End

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