"Whoo!" a smile spread across Mia's face when she heard the thousands of cheers as she came up to the last 100m of the race. With her video camera in her hand,she noticed her mum, dad and brother waiting for her near the finish line, she knew they would be so proud. Mia smiled, put her head back, closed her eyes and let the wind brush against her face. She'd been training for months now, everyday. Mia just knew she had to do this for herself, her family and try to get over her heartwrenching breakup with her ex. The boston marathon seemed like the perfect opportunity, Mia wanted to become a different person, set herself goals and have a fresh start. With the help of her bestfriend sophie and brother zac, Mia was in a completely new mindset. This very moment, when the wind was sweeping her off her feet, reminded mia how wonderful life really is hen you have family and friends in it. Everything was perfect....but all of a sudden, that perfect moment slipped away. Screaming, crying as far as mia could hear, a huge defining boom echoing through the street. it was a warzone, and mia felt the ground shake as she fell over twiting her ankle, she opened her eyes.. everywhere was white smoke, she couldnt hear out of her left ear but she knew something terrible had just happened, about 20 seconds later another booming explosion broke out, nearly 100metres awat. Mia screamed and and was blown back onto the cement, her first thought was her family. Along with 20 or so others mia launched towards where the first boom went off near a little cafe, the fence had been smashed over, with sharp wood sticking out everywhere. While everyone helped to move it Mia gasped. "OH MY GOD!". groups of people were surrounding the cafe, on the ground, bleeding.


The End

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