My bride

Erinna did not really know what to make of the unnaturally beautiful creature before her, for handsome was to light a word to describe him. He was the man from her visions, the face that had haunted her dreams, the figment of her imagination come alive and stood before her. He was breathtakingly beautiful, in every sense of the word. The dream had been a pale imitation.

 He had shoulder length jet black hairs that for some bizarre reason, her fingers itched to touch .His eyes were cold, dark and emotionless. There was something astute about him, imposing; that even the very shadows in the darkened room seem to crawl away from him. He had aristocratic vibes rolling off him in waves; a man used to being in command. His features were foreboding and fascinating.

 His face was a master piece, homage to ancient Greek statues, his jaw strong and chiselled. His face was a thoughtful alignment of angles, a strong unforgiving jaw, an aristocratic nose that testified his royal heritage and a sinfully gorgeous mouth; all combining to give the most beautiful face Erinna could have ever imagined. She had never considered herself ugly but stood next to him anyone would feel hideous. Even the heroes her favourite romance novel authors wrote of were all put to shame by this enchanting being. He exuded male perfection.

 His was physique strong, regal and powerful. Even his burgundy royal coat that swept the marble floor could not hide his well-toned body with muscles ripping as he stepped further into the dimly lit room. He was perfect.

“Like what you see?” he purred with a wicked smile on his all too beautiful face, sounding amused. “Don’t be afraid to look if it pleases you.” Erinna immediately averted her gaze, ignoring his teasing after being caught checking him out. He must think she was a creep, but who could blame her? His features were of a mesmerising beauty that just seemed to draw you in, drowning you in a trance.

Yet despite his all too appealing physical features that would probably make all the legendary Greek gods weep, Erinna could not ignore the uneasiness his presence gave her .it was almost like he was cloaked in darkness, his aura a shadow that threatened her and everything else in the room. He was like night and winter wrapped in one person. He seemed to stifle all the light in the room. Erinna gave an involuntary shudder; his very presence seeming to drop the room temperature by a few degrees. Goosebumps broke on her fair skin like a rash.

But there was something so captivating about him and despite her reluctance to look at him before she found it impossible to look away now. She was simultaneously scared and mesmerised by him and it was only by sheer will that she broke free from the spell his eyes held her under and managed to talk.

“You are not human,” she stated her observation, not even knowing how she had come to that conclusion.

But anyone could have seen it. His beauty was too ethereal for a mere human .Erinna had never met all the species in the world but Melissa was human and the difference between her and this celestial being was all too obvious.

“No, I am something else,” He agreed vaguely. Lord, his voice was out of this world, deep strong and husky all combining to give a velvet like mixture that very nearly made her knees buckle. But she ignored it before its alluring sound sent her into insanity. She needed to focus on figuring out what was happening not on the physical attributes of the dark angel before.

“What are you?”She asked even if she wasn’t sure she wanted to know.

“Come on Princess, think.”

It did not even take her a minute to figure out because deep in her blood she knew. Her denial was only a form of self preservation.

“You are a vampire.”It was not a question.

The creature immediately clapped it hands with a smile that did not reach its cold dark eyes.

“Excellent. Now that we have finished the introductions can we move on?”

Erinna did not like his attitude. And the more time she spent in his presence the more she realised that he was more foe than friend.

“Where is my father?”She demanded. There was no way her father could have let anyone take her out of her tower. The tower she had once seen like a prison but now seemed like a fortress if it kept her from creatures like the one before her.

“Probably cursing me to the ends of the earth.”He had her against her father’s will?

“You kidnapped me?”Her voice had risen a few decibels. The vampire looked surprised by her reaction. He probably was used to everyone cowering before him and attending to his every command. Well, he was in for a rude awakening. All politeness Erinna’s governess had taught her flew out of the window as the extent of her current situation dawned on her.

“Let’s not get too dramatic darling. Your father knew this day was coming,” He said in a bored voice.

“You’re lying,” she accused refusing to believe what he was saying for that would paint her father in a different light. He rolled his eyes at her denial.

“Erinna, you’re an elf. You can tell when I’m lying,” he said impatiently. It was true, Elves could see through any web of lie. And looking into his eyes then, she could see nothing but cold hard truth. She looked away to privately blink away the tears now welling in her eyes, blurring her vision. So this was what her father had been trying to protect her from. Just how evil was this vampire to make the brave king of the Elves, responsible for many victories in the battle field to hide his only daughter in a tower for her whole life, away from the rest of the world? The thought filled her with icy cold dread that pooled in her belly, chilling her from the inside out.

“How do you know my name?” She asked a bit startled and unsettled. What else did he know about her? Her age?

“I know a lot of things.” It did not seem like she was going to get a straight answer from him any time soon so she let it slide. For then.

“So what happened with the stars, that was all you?”She calmly asked after regaining her composure, on the outside anywhere. Inside she was a trembling frightened mess and it took all her willpower to keep a stead voice and stop her teeth from chattering at the reality of encountering her father’s worst nightmare, and probably hers too.

“Your father went overboard with the security measures; I had to find a way to extract you. And believe me, it wasn’t easy.”Anger flooded her whole system and she forgot her pervious fear.

“You stroke me with lightning! You could have killed me, or worse of all Melissa!”

“I would never do anything to endanger the queen of my people. And for the record the maid is fine, not that it’s of any importance of course.”But Erinna hardly heard the rest of what he was saying for her mind was stuck on one word, highlighting it repeatedly.


“Yes Erinna, you’re going to be my bride.”Erinna waited for the punch line of the joke but none came. She looked up only to see that the enigma of a creature had vanished. She looked around the royally adorned room but the vampire was nowhere to be found.

The End

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