The awakening

Having been trapped in a magic induced sleep for a thousand years, Count Dracula is woken up by the birth of an elf princess who is bound to be his downfall or redemption. His one goal when he awakes is to find her and confirm what prophecy predicted.

                                                                                                       A vampire-elf tale by Samantha Mponela


After 2000 long torturous empty years of languishing and being trapped in immobility and motionlessness, the first breath of fresh air to Vlad Dracula was a blessing that only the gift of blood could surpass.

Bolts of pain shot through his undead body as every frozen muscle came alive, but it was worth it after being stuck that long in immobility. The magic that had bound his body, petrifying his muscles, blood and organs, freezing them into immobility, let loose, unbinding everything.

The process was slow but after three agonizing hours, the Count was able to sit up in the coffin he lay.”M-m-my lord?”Stammered the guard who had guarded his unaware body for five years. Toby had never met the count personally, in fact no one in his generation had. Not even their great-great grandfathers.

What he knew were legends and none too pleasant for him to feel even slightly comfortable in the same room as a reputedly cruel, merciless and sadistic vampire that had not had a drop of blood for two thousand years. Toby was subordinate to the Count’s right hand vampire, who had appointed him five years back to guard the Count’s body with the promise of eternal life but he also had a good sense of self preservation. And standing within twenty feet of Dracula then was a death wish stamped in his own blood. He had not expected the count to wake up on his shift. Not after 2000 years.

Toby did not even have time to assess his escape options before his jugular was ripped out of his throat and his body drained of every single drop of blood in it, leaving it a pallid looking sack of flesh. Dracula let the lifeless body fall to the ground carelessly and stepped over it, viewing the tomb his faithful servant Alexandra must have laid him in.

And only one mission, one goal, one thought, one quest called to him as he surveyed his surroundings: to find her.

It was time.



The End

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