Dr Red

This is the story of a homeless drug addict who ends up in a hospital and masquerades as a doctor in order to have a place to live and work. It is loosely based on one my friend Pablo wrote on a similar site which was closed down; Tag You're IT.

Chapter 1

"Bloody Hell."

The American lorry driver swerved violently in the hope of avoiding a collision but too late. With a crunch of brakes he and a blue car smashed into each other with real force. The lorry driver, unhurt but shaken, opened his car door and clambered out.

"That guy shouldn't be driving in his condition" he muttered, locking the car door and going to see if the man was all right.

"He's probably been hallucinating. On drugs or something by the looks of his arm." The lorry driver had spotted beneath the man's loose sleeve what were the unmistakable marks of a syringe.

"Good thing we're outside a hospital."

The lorry driver looked opposite him and saw the unmistakable red brick building of Johns Hopkins Hospital. He waved at an ambulance that was unloading another patient on a trolley. Presently a paramedic came running with a trolley. With the help of the lorry driver, she put the man on the trolley and escorted him inside.

"Girlfriend threw me out...drug problem...movie...saw collision...".

Then he lost consiousness. When he opened his eyes, he was alone. In his hand was a paper with a number on it. He looked at it blankly. Placing it quietly to one side, he got off the trolley and walked around. He stumbled into a lift and got out on a random floor, narrowly avoiding a receptionist who ran after him but reached the elevator too late.

A label told him this was the Geriatrics Ward. He cautiously opened a door and went in. An elderly woman with white wispy hair sat in a wheelchair.

"Er, hi. I'm William."

"And I'm Grace, Grace Brown. My grandson arranged by e-mail for me to stay here but he seldom visits me."

"That's rather harsh". William took the seat beside her.

Just then the receptionist came in, having missed William from the waiting room. Grace chanced a glance at William who shook his head slightly.

"I was just talking to my grandson." Grace looked steadily at the receptionist. "Is there a problem?"

"No". The receptionist was embarrassed. "I thought you were a patient sir".

"That's ok. Everyone makes mistakes" William replied airily. The receptionist turned and left. William looked at Grace.


"You're welcome".

"You will come again?" Grace asked as he stood up to leave. She had taken a liking to William.

William nodded and left. A tall doctor with square glasses walked out of the elevator from the floor below. As he walked, his stethoscope fell off. William snatched it up and ran after the doctor but he didn't seem to hear. He shrugged and put it on himself. Then William noticed a row of pegs. On one was hanging a spare white coat and general doctor's outfit. The name tag was empty because after all this was only one of the spares that someone had probably forgotten to return to the storeroom.

William took a pen from his pocket and wrote clearly on the tag Dr W. Red. He then put the outfit on.

The End

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