Chapter Two: A Day Later


The dreaded sound of the alarm began to drone as Dr. Van-Gina woke up in a sweat. The first thing he did was glance down at his body, which was now the body of a man. Dr. Van-Gina lay there for a moment, just wandering if what had happened the previous evening was just a dream, an illusion and just something that would never happen again.

The clock read 7:30am and the doctor now had a hour before he had to leave the house for work. He roamed into the living room wandering if any of his Walford family would still be there. As he entered the living room there was nobody in sight. With a sigh of relief, Dr. Van-Gina walked into the kitchen and grabbed coffee and toast. After finishing his meal, he took a quick shower and headed off to work.

As Dr. Van-Gina entered his office, there was no sign of Dr. Laswell. For a moment Dr. Van-Gina had forgot that Thursdays were the days he got the office to himself for the whole day and this was just what he needed today. The computer slowly loaded up, as he took the lecture plan he had made from his navy blue man bag. Upon realising the lecture he was going to present in two hours was pretty much complete; Dr. Van-Gina decided he needed a bit of time to himself as the events of last night were still playing on his mind. He picked up one of the darts to the mini darts board that lay un-used on his desk and started playing a game in order to get focussed for his lecture, which was going to take place at eleven o’ clock.

At eleven o’ clock Dr. Van-Gina found himself standing in front of a hundred students, who were all half asleep and probably not looking forward to their statistics lecture. The lecture ran smoothly, no hiccups, no daft questions from students and the lecture finished spot-on time. As the doctor walked up the stairs to return to his office, he bumped into a colleague, Dr. Tom Hancock, the finest biopsychologist the university had. “Alright Tom” said Van-Gina in a delighted tone, “yes, yes I’m fine thanks. A few colleagues and I are meeting for a meal tonight, do you fancy it?” said Hancock smiling. Shock and horror hit Van-Gina’s system and he began to shake a little, with concern Hancock asked “Are you ok Kris? Is something wrong?” with hesitation Van-Gina mumbled “I really don’t feel well ... so I won’t be able to make it tonight, I’m sorry”. “Don’t worry about it Kris, you should really go home if you feel ill, a few days of rest would do you good” said Hancock with a smile. “I think you’re right Tom, see you soon” said Van-Gina as he continued to walk up the stairs to his office.

When Dr. Van-Gina returned to his office, he packed his belongings away and decided to smoke a cigarette before driving home. There was a windy breeze outside and Dr. Van-Gina had problems lighting up his cigarette. The atmosphere was a quiet one for a Thursday lunch time at the university, just a few people dotted here and there, smoking cigarettes and talking about the latest news. Dr. Van-Gina wasn’t really one for approaching strangers to make general conversation; he just kept himself to himself and smoked his cigarettes, sometimes three in one break. Just as he was taking the last puffs of his cigarette, one of his students walked past and gave her usual smile and waved, Dr. Van-Gina smiled at the thought of someone actually acknowledging him, for a moment he thought he was invisible. Although the young lady, dark-haired, curvy and about 5ft3 seemed a bit shy, she was polite and always took time to acknowledge Van-Gina and he respected that.

When Dr. Van-Gina arrived back at his flat everything seemed quiet and lonely, in a sense he wished that he had stayed at work. He lay on the sofa and played on his PlayStation 3 to pass a few hours, but then got distracted by the thought of what would happen at 5:30pm, was the curse powerful enough to turn him into Bianca Jackson again? He really hoped not, he had work to catch up on that evening.

At 5:15pm Dr. Van-Gina decided to take a quick shower before the evening approached. At 5:30pm he found himself in his bedroom towel drying himself and looking in the mirror to see if he would transform into Bianca Jackson again. Slowly he began to transform and started to develop breasts, he thought to himself “hmmm how sexy”, in no time, he was a naked woman in the form of Bianca Jackson. He noticed that the pile of clothes he had previously lay out on his bed had turned into a vile pale pink knitted jumper and a pair of size 10 denim jeans, he quickly pulled his clothes on and walked down the stairs to meet his new family.

“Bianca!!!” shouted Pat, as ‘she’ entered the living room of the flat which had now transformed into a flat located in the middle of London. “Yes, I’m here, what do you want?” said Bianca. “Ian Beale has been here for you, I told him you would pop round to speak to him when you were out of the shower” said Pat sternly. “Ok Pat, could you just watch the kids for me while I go to see Ian?” asked Bianca, “Of course I can” said Pat looking thrilled. “Oh and make sure Liam starts his homework” shouted Bianca as she left the house.

Bianca knocked on Ian’s door but it seemed that nobody was home, as she started walking back down the drive-way, the door gently opened, it was Ian, who looked angry, “Bianca, can I have a word with you?” he said in a fuming tone, and then continued to speak before Bianca could say anything. “Why weren’t you at work in the café today?, I was relying on you. Jane had to cancel her plans to do a shift in the café”. Bianca looked at Ian with shock, but then opened her trappy mouth and said “Well, I have another job in the day, so I can’t work at the café anymore”. Ian looking even more angered shouted “and what is this job?”. Bianca who was still self-aware that she was actually Dr. Van-Gina in the day decided it would be best to confide in Ian. “Ian, you see it’s a long story, I’m not really Bianca, a witch cursed me at the super market and this is my curse, I’m actually a doctor and a lecturer of psychology in the day time”. Ian sighed “Do you have any ID you could show me?”. Luckily Bianca had Dr.Van-Gina’s wallet, which contained his driving licence in her handbag, she handed the ID to Ian.

Ian inspected the ID thoroughly and then handed it back to Bianca. “Please keep this a secret Ian, I don’t want the whole square knowing” Bianca said with great emotion. “I won’t tell anyone as long as you’ll work evenings at the café instead, I’m opening up on evenings for business because I think we could make a packet or two” said Ian. “Ok then, when do I start?” said Bianca with a sigh of relief. “Tomorrow evening” said Ian as he started to shut the door. “Hang on a minute, what do I tell Ricky, the kids and Pat?” said Bianca. “Well, you’ll have to tell them sooner or later or they will notice something strange is going on and if they ask me, I’ll tell them the truth” muttered Ian, as he slammed the door shut.

Bianca arrived home to find Ricky and the kids playing a game of snakes and ladders whilst Pat was in the kitchen cooking the evening meal. Bianca helped Pat with the cooking and the dishing up and then after the meal she assisted with the washing up. Bianca tried not to look worried in case suspicion was raised. When everything was cleared away, the family sat down to watch television and sooner than imagined it was time for bed. What would tomorrow hold?

The End

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