Dr. Kris Van-Gina by Day, Bianca Jackson by Night

The story of a doctor of psychology who takes the chances of letting a witch curse him, but sadly the curse worked and now he is indeed Bianca Jackson from Eastenders in the evenings.


Chapter One: The Transformation

It was 3pm on a lovely summers day and Dr Kris Van-Gina was patiently sitting at his desk after delivering a rather interesting lecture. There were 2 hours of the day to work until he could go home and rest for a while. The rather stressed man sat at his desk sipping tea and analysing a data set for the remaining two hours. When it reached 5pm Dr. Van-Gina got into his car to drive home, but decided to stop by at the shopping centre to get a few cans of beer in.

As Dr. Van-Gina walked from his parking spot, a very old lady with a shopping trolley bumped into him, almost sending his lanky body sprawling on the floor. “Hey, watch where you’re going woman .... umm I’m sorry”, Dr. Van-Gina often spoke without thinking of the consequences during stressful times. The old lady just smiled and then said “come with me young man”, Dr. Van-Gina was reluctant to follow the woman, but could she really be harmful? She was just some old dear who smelt like lavender. Dr. Van-Gina shrugged but then the old lady grabbed the sleeve of his grey jacket and started dragging him towards the trolley park. “My pretty, you really seem stressed” crackled the old lady, Dr. Van-Gina shrugged “umm I guess so”. The old lady eye-balled the doctor up and down and started to write something in a note pad that she had just gently lifted out of her trolley. Now, Dr. Van-Gina was scared.

Dr. Van-Gina began to sweat, his auburn hair parting and his hazel eyes watering, but started thinking positive thought about the old woman, what could she possibly do to him? She was at least one foot shorter than he was, her white hair so frail, her bones the same, it was so unlikely that this sweet old dear was going to harm the doctor. Without warning the old lady began to walk towards the shopping centre, even though Dr. Van-Gina saw the woman as harmless, he attempted to escape, just on the off chance. But it was too late, the old woman had seen him, she stared at him with hatred “I’ll be back in a minute or two”.

Exactly two minutes later, the old woman returned with another old woman, roughly the same age, about an inch taller wearing an awful brown head scarf. “oh, isn’t he an handsome man” said the new old lady, “Yes he is Rose” replied the original old lady. Rose didn’t seem as warm as the original old lady, Dr. Van-Gina just wanted to escape. The original old lady gave a warm smile and began to speak in a kind manner, “My name is Hilda, can I just ask, have you considered alternative remedies for your stress? You seem like such a unhappy man”. Dr Van-Gina now felt a little bit at ease but strange at the same time, “Look dear, I’m a doctor of psychology, I think I know what I’m doing thank you very much”. “So, you don’t believe in magic” said Rose who looked frustrated. “No, I do not believe in magic” said the doctor, slightly angered. The clock in the car park now said 5:30pm, Dr. Van-Gina felt hungry and just wanted to go home.

A minute of silence passed and then Rose finally spoke, “Well well honey, I’m a witch and I believe that magic works, if you’re so sceptical then why don’t you let me put a curse on you”. Dr. Van-Gina didn’t believe in magical powers at all, so he figured it was safe to take the chances, “Ok then ... my worst nightmare would be to be Bianca Jackson from Eastenders every evening of my life”. “Right then” said Rose. Rose said some words in a foreign language and stopped after a sentence or two ... nothing happened, Dr. Van-Gina sighed with relief, but then Hilda handed him a so called ‘special potion’ made from mint leaves and rose petals, “Drink that my pretty” Hilda said in her warm voice. “umm, ok”, Dr. Van-Gina then gulped the potion down in one mouthful. Moments later his body began to get shorter but slimmer, his hair a more vivid orange and longer, his clothes were replaced with poorly tailored clothes from Walford Market, his gender changed. Dr. Van-Gina opened his mouth to speak “Rickkayyy ....”, Dr. Van-Gina had indeed turned into Bianca Jackson. The two old women cackled “we told you so”.

Dr. Van-Gina, now known to his friends and family as Bianca Jackson walked back to his flat as he now looked nothing like the picture on his driving licence. As he entered his flat, horrified at what his flat might think, he realised that his flat mate wasn’t there at all, but Pat Butcher, the wonderful Rickay and the children were there. This wasn’t the evening he had planned at all, a nice meal and a good book would have been an ideal evening, but now he found himself cooking waffles and chips for the whole tribe of chavs.

After tea, the ten year old boy Liam came to Bianca for help with his maths homework, inside Bianca’s mind she was still a doctor of psychology and confident that she was good at mathematics and statistics, but this became disappointing when young Liam presented Bianca with some simple multiplication sums and she had to reach for the calculator. Now, how was ‘she’ going to work on research projects in the evenings? And what if he turned into Bianca Jackson during staff and research group meetings. This was the biggest mistake that Dr. Van-Gina had ever made.

The End

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