Is this a Dream?

A group of teens cross paths as they develop special abilities and powers. Through the help of Dr. Dolorem, they become more powerful, but he has a greater more "Extraordinary" plan for them then they realize.


My pants got deeper and heavier as I sprinted through the forest running for my life. I refused to turn around as I knew what's behind me. I could feel the warm breath of one of them behind me, practically stepping on my shoes. As I ran the forest got thicker and darker. I was running out of places to go. I turned my head around trying to view my attackers, and as soon as I did, I regretted it. There were four large wolves the size of a full grown man behind me. Each with dark gray fur and huge teeth. There eyes were like looking into a dark abyss. I saw nothing in them but my own death. Their growls got louder as they got closer. Before I could find a way out a branch beneath my caught my foot and I feel hitting the ground with all my momentum. I landed on my hand as it crumpled under my weight breaking. I turned over trying to crawl away with my one hand but it wasn't enough. The biggest of the group pounced on top of me with its mouth wide open for the kill. Right before the wolf landed on me something large hit it the wolf let out a whine and staggered away and the others followed. I looked towards where the wolf was hit. There stood a large, burly figure that looked almost human. 

"Who," I started to say before I was interrupted.

"Quiet now Damian," said a old man. He looked about fifty. He wore a lab coat and black slacks. He had thin wispy hair, and wore glasses that covered his small beady eyes. "I have a bigger plan for you then this Damian. You can't die yet. Not like this any ways," he said in  a quiet, mysterious voice, "Come Number 9. It's time to go."

"Beep.......Beep......Beep.....Beep....Beep," the alarm sounded, meaning it's time to get ready for school.

The End

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