Chapter Two

Being twins, my brother and I had always been close, despite the fact that we had two different gravitational pulls. I mean, if it couldn't keep apart our parents, the how much stronger was the bond between twins?

We shared a room, even now into our teen years. His bed was Up and mine was Down, so we faced each other as we went to sleep. Sometimes we were up for hours at a time just talking. We couldn't be closer.

He met a girl and practically fell in love at first sight. He went on a date with her and kept me up all night afterwards, going on and on and on about her. Of course she was from Up Above. Not that there's anything wrong with us Down Below anymore, but it's easier to date someone with the same gravitational pull as you.

After he started dating her, I saw him less and less. After only a few weeks, he spent all his time with her. I rarely ever saw him, and we never talked. I was actually getting a full eight hours of sleep every night, something that hadn't happened since we were children.

He never talked to me, never hung out with me anymore. His entire life revolved around her.

I guess I was jealous.

No, I know was jealous.

And it didn't help that she was mean to me, practically hated my guts. She always shot me hateful glances, made snide comments. It hurt. I at least wanted to be friendly with my brother's girlfriend, but she wouldn't have it.

That should have been my first warning that she was no good.

I didn't realize it until too late.

The End

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