Chapter One

Up Above and Down Below. Twin planets with opposite gravitational pulls. There are three rules:
1) All matter is pulled by the gravity of the world that it comes from, and not the other.
2) An object's weight can be offset using matter from the opposite world (inverse matter).
3) After a few hours of contact, matter in contact with inverse matter burns.
The two worlds are not supposed to mingle. But two people changed all of that. This is the story of their children.
((This is a fanfictio

I'm Astrid, and I live Down Below.

But I also live Up Above, which is no longer forbidden thanks to my parents. I'm sure you've heard of them, right? Adam and Eden Kirk. No? Hmm.

They first met as children. My father was an orphan from Down Below. He lived in am orphanage, but every weekend visited his Aunt Becky. One day, as he hiked high into the mountains, he met my mother.

My mother was born and raised Up Above. She was taught and trained from a young age to despise the that they were below her (in more ways than one.)

But that didn't stop her from falling in love with my father.

They figured out a way to see each other. My father would throw a dope up to her and pull her down, where they would spend time together. They did this for many years, their love growing deeper.

One day, things went bad.

Men were on the hunt in the mountains. My mother tied the role around her and my father lowered her up slowly. But he was shot in the arm and his hand fell from the rope, causing my mother to fall to the rock above. This caused her to loose her memories and suffer from amnesia for the rest of her life.

My father was devastated, fearing he had killed her. 10 years later, he saw her on the tv and knew he had to find a way to see her again.

He got a job at TransWorld, making a facelift formula using the pollen of the pink bees. He befriended a man from Up Above, my godfather Uncle Bob.

My father eventually got to meet up with my mother again for the first time in ten years. But it turned out that she had forgotten him.

My mother eventually got her memories back, but it was almost too late. My father was considered a criminal at this point for having a relationship with someone from Up Above, and the Up-material he was wearing in order to stay Up Above was starting to burn. He had to run.

He found Uncle Bob's house, who at that point had been fired from TransWorld. Uncle Bob sewed him a new best that the Up-material wouldn't burn through, so he could stay longer.

My father showed him a new experiment he'd been working on, a way to make the two gravities from the two planted mix, so that something could float.

My father went back Down Below. My mother met him back at the outworn where they'd first met and spent their teenage years together.

But the men were still on the hunt for my father. He brought my mother to Down Below with him, but they were shot at and he fell from the mountain.

My mother believed him dead, until she got a delivery of pink flowers.

Uncle Bob had developed the formula my father had showed him and went to visit my father, with a note from my mother.

They met at a cafe, where my mother revealed that she was pregnant.

It was because of that pregnancy that she was somehow able to be on either planet without the use of a vest or my father's formula.

But the birth was difficult. Each of us, my brother and I, were born with a different gravitational pull, my brother Up, me Down. My parents had to buy the penthouse of a building stretching between the two planets, so that we could all live together.

Word got out about the two of us, an my parent's story. Slowly, things started to get better. The two planets began to communicate more, build a better relationship. It was no longer illegal to go he tween the worlds. In fact, my father and Uncle Bob own the company that sells vests to make travel easier.

But not everything is perfect.

There are still those that believe the two planets should not communicate, should stay separate. That he two don't belong together.

And my brother is one of them.

The End

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