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The door closed with an electric hiss.

adaeis tapped the table twice "Bring up chimera news, BBC, CNN, and ABC" he prompted. The screens around him began to show the different stations all discussing the horrors that they had unleashed. they all said the same or along the lines of global terrorism, except for chimera news, the station was off with its symbol: a chimera in a lion pose, spinning on a black screen. The rest of the news stations switched to chimera, the emergency lights, and sirens began to blare on. The P.A systems of announcements were replaced with a voice masked to sound almost like static, Adaeis didn't bother with what the voice was saying; after a few moments of staring at the screens, he turned away and left the room, the P.A system back under control.

                      Chimera Station, Berring Sea.  An island that once housed Soldiers marked as Traitors of the state from all over the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, some were, most refused due to their morals. It was abandoned after an uprising took place, 50+ guards were taken hostage, after 3 weeks and 4 fire fights the hostages with traded for Chimera left alone to do as it please. To the disbelief of the countries that abandoned them, the station thrived, having a hydroponics room deep in the island, with left over equipment, they were able to trade goods from ammo for guns, to electronics, they were able to set up a radar, and a news station reporting on all news, unbiased, unfazed.

                                           They made a trade agreement with the U.S after the U.S suffered a domestic attack that had destroyed the Golden Gate bridge, the U.S hired some of the soldiers in exchange for some engineers to help repair some previous equipment that was destroyed in the uprising. After the soldiers came back and the engineers left, they reported information on who took responsibility for the attack. After a few exchanges and several reports, the Station had a working Helipad, dock, and an improved Hydropower system, and the name of the organization.

The End

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