Chapter 1: The King and His Throne (pt.1)Mature

A plot to remove the founder of a company that deals in selling from war products to the use of ruthless PMC tactics to human organ trafficking.

[June, 15, 2077, 8:52pm]

On the coast of the ruined  state of New Jersey lies a vessel 3 times larger than the Titanic with the capability to travel to the Mariana Trench and stay for months on end; Fires ICBMs, Nuclear missiles, fitted with prototype Rail-Cannons and several other cannons; has its own airstrip within it, is also home to world's most notorious enterprise.

In the front of the vessel is thick planed palladium infused glass that hides command center.

The Command center in fitted with several screens that point at an angle towards the center of the room where a table that shows 3d imaging of locations with assistance of satellite imaging and drones. The table has a hologram of New Jersey's coastal city of Ocean City; Smoke plumps from wreck streets, and buildings, the images update every second as they do the image statics then and resume back. the room only has 2 people in it

"Adedis, whats the current casualty report on the states?" said a sharply dressed man with a 3 piece suit, leaning and peering at the table's hologram

"Sir, its Adaeis, pronounced A-Day-is... And about 1.6 million are dead." Adaeis spoke dressed similar to his counterpart except wears a vest in place of the jacket.

"With all do respect, I can give 2 shits about how your name is. Now, with that many people gone, the U.S will understand now that any interference with O.E will carry serious consequences. Now that we're down with our little demonstration I have to make some important calls." the man said, leaving the room.

The End

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