Episode 4: Help from the Heavens

"Ready?" Brent whispered. The others nodded silently. He placed the torch down on the floor and stepped forward. At first there was no sound. Suddenly a flash of grey flitted across their vision along with a slight whistle and the sound of an arrow hitting the dirt. "Geez!" Brent mumbled as he stepped back.
"So it's a skeleton dungeon is it?" Eric stroked his beard, "I have an idea!" he exclaimed and took out a spade. The others watched as he began digging the dirt around the square room leaving only a thin wall between him and the horde of undead.
"Erm, Eric... I don't mean to be pushy but could you hurry up please!" Wes pleaded as he saw movement from around the corner. Eric disappeared from view.
"I can't stand here and do nothing!" Angel said angrily, "let's take some of them down now!" 
"I don't know," Wes replied, "I mean, I think Eric has it sorted."
"Wes, we all love you but we need to be proactive about this, before they-"
Several arrows hit the dirt right next to their faces.
Brent grabbed his sword and looked at Angel, "let's do it, you have my sword," he agreed.
"I'll go first with my bow and lure them out... ready guys?" Wes nodded too as Angel rushed ahead.
AngelShade let loose four arrows before the skeleton even realised what was coming. Several bones rattled in response and an arrow flew by as Angel jumped behind the wall. The shooting skeleton quickly appeared. At this point, Wes and Brent jumped it, hitting it several times until it was nothing but a lump of bones and arrows.
"These will be handy!" Wes beamed then leapt back as seven arrows flew by.
"Erm, Wes... I think you attracted them all?" Brent gulped as the sound of several walking skeletons drew closer and closer to the corner.
"Angel, I need your arrows, come here quick or we'll all die!" Eric shouted. AngelShade rushed passed the corner and gave Eric the arrows. He placed them in several strange stone blocks. Angel knew that just around beyond the wall of mud was a gang of murderous skeletons. Already two had passed the corner.
Eric heard more arrows firing. Luckily there were no hits except by Wes and Brent who were striking hard and fast. They passed the first wall and turned a corner. He placed more arrows in a block the passed the next corner. He did it twice in several blocks surrounding the rooms perimeter before standing right at the opening to the dungeon.
"Skeletons, here the sound of your demise!" he laughed gleefully as he pulled a lever. Suddenly, there was music all around the darkness. A strange tune, "I call it In Search of Diamonds," Eric muttered a sidenote to Angel. Suddenly, arrows flung themselves from several dispensers and began mutilating the dozens of skeletons. The finals sound of rattly bones left the dungeon and the group moved in.
There were two large chest and in the heart, a small fire surrounded by a cage.
"I wonder where this comes from," Eric wondered.
"Hey guys!" Wes pulled out some wheat and buckets, iron and redstone dust, "this is awesome!" he smiled to himself.
"Thanks AngelShade, we couldn't have done it without you," Brent said.
"No problem, now I need to get back. I have some stuff to get on with."
"Don't forget, party at Ghada's once her glass house is finished," Wes reminded. Angel smiled then left the dungeon.
"So now we just need to follow Rima's instructions and then we'll get the diamond. Then what Spyke foretold will come true," Brent sighed and placed his loot in the chest, "we'll come back for these later, until then... onward we go."

The End

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