Episode 3: On the Rima of a Missing Chunk

"This is taking much longer than I thought it would," Eric glumly stabbed his finger into the dirt. Nothing could be heard apart from the occasional drip of water. It was silent, which never boded well, Eric thought.
"In time, you heard what Spyke said, we just need to keep going down," Brent grabbed his stone shovel and continued hacking at some dirt as Eric peered round the corner. He huffed when he saw nothing and returned, "come on man, you're making me nervous!" 
"Sorry, it's just really quiet. Feels like a creeper will drop by any second, you know," Brent nodded and took another load of mud. He was about to step forward when Eric grabbed him and pulled him back. Brent fell on Eric.
"Poop blocks!" Brent yelled. He had broken into a massive room, below was an abyss of darkness. Then he looked up and saw that the room had no ceiling so that the sky was visible high up. Brent noticed the 'room' was rectangular and that there seemed to be no floor. What was this?
"I think this is one of those missing chunks. If you fall into it, you never stop falling... and look at the water," Eric said as if he had read Brent's mind, but he followed Erics gaze to the water above them that seemed to flow directly down like an eerie godlike miracle.
"What can this mean?"
"I don't know, and to be honest, I don't want to know," Eric whispered.
"But it will take sooo long to go round this," Brent sighed, placing the shovel on his shoulder, he turned round to Eric, "I wish Ghada were here, she was a real help before with the water. She'd probably know what to do!"
"Well she isn't, so maybe we'll have to figure this out on our own, I-"
Eric's face went sheet white as he stared just over Brent's shoulders. His eyes bulged, his mouth hung open.
"What is it Eric, you look like you've seen a ghast..?" Eric pointed once more and Brent looked. Sure enough, seeming floating right in front of them was a shadowy figure. This strange apparition continuously hacked at thin air until she was right in front of them.
"Oh," she exclaimed in shock, "erm, hi guys. I didn't expect to find you here," she smiled up at Brent, then Eric, "what's wrong?" she asked.
"Wow, how'd you do that, there's no floor there!" Eric scratched his head.
"Yeah, that was pretty impressive!"
"But there is a fl-" she stopped mid sentence and rolled her eyes, "I see what's happening," she turned around and held out her hand. All of a sudden, mud appeared all around them and a passageway continued, then fell down, "that any better?" 
"Oh, y-yeah it is," Eric raised his eyebrows, "who are you, I can't see you."
"Sorry, how rude. It's me, Rima and it's nice to see you guys," then suddenly, her face darkened, "but I should warn you, there's trouble ahead," Brent and Eric leant in closer, feeling slightly nervous.
"How do you mean?"
"Well... I ran into a dungeon, and I mean, a MASSIVE dungeon. And after that, there's a massive lava lake with a couple of bits of diamond. I was just headed topside to get some better gear, but since you guys are already here, you can have it... just, be careful."
"Thanks so much," Eric beamed.
"Where is Wes?"
"He'll be here shortly Rima, he's just getting some supplies. If you see him, ask him to bring Angelshade with him wont you? We may need Angel's help in this one," Brent muttered gravely.
"Sure thing, I'm glad I could help you. I'll catch you later."
"Bye," Eric and Brent said in unison. They looked at each other.
"This might be tough," Eric said.
"Yes, but at least we got a heads up," Brent replied gratefully.

The End

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