Episode 2: Spyke the Savior

"Hey Brent..."
"Yes Eric?"
"...it's dark out..."
"Well you said you wanted string for a new bow so, we need to kill some spiders," Brent said nothing, tuning his guitar, "but spiders are hard to kill without a bow. They lunge now... and climb walls. I think the great God Notch is just screwing with us," Eric pulled a face, then stared angrily at Brent who was now strumming his guitar, "are you even listening to me, we need to devise a plan!"
Brent looked up, "dude, your the mastermind here, you figure it out."
Eric stood up and moved over to his chest. He pulled out lots of dirt and flung it across the room. He found some cobblestone but couldn't see what he could do with that right now. But at the bottom, he scraped out some redstone, "now this I can use," his mind whirred with activity, quickly, he mashed together some reeds and made some paper. After a few seconds, he showed it to Brent
"Sorry to disappoint, but there's nothing on there..."
"Why couldn't Notch give us pencils!" Eric moaned, then he stuck his finger in the air, "wait a sec, I'll pray to AGMC, then I can get you some readable books," his face suddenly went pale, "erm, just don't tell Notch!" he turned round to see Brent now polishing his guitar. No chance of that happening, he thought.
It was several minutes before he returned and took a book from the bookshelf.
"Perfect!" he shoved it in Brents nose who skimmed over it.
"Eric, it's a load of squiggles, I can't make head or tails of it!" Eric looked at it, confused. He sighed the placed it back in front of Brent, pointing at a line down.
"Look, we dig 15 blocks down, then we dig across about four blocks. This is when we set up the traps. I will quickly craft a couple of Arrow Dispensers all connected to, and pointing to, one pressure plate. At this point we dig upwards and lure the spider down were it will get it's butt shot and we'll collect any string it has. It can't fail!"
"Fine," Brent got up and placed his guitar on it's stand before going to his own chest and picking up a massive iron pick. He hoisted it onto his shoulder, "tell me where to hit Eric," Eric pointed to the spot and Brent was about to strike when they heard a familiar noise.
"Hey Eric, Brent, where the hell are you?" the footsteps got closer, "I thought we were looking for a spot for our griefless, uber secret megabase... after you two buggered off, Ghada said something about red wool to finish her home..?"
"Wes, don't come any..!"
At that point, a spider dropped from wall as Wes came near the door.
"Poop blocks, I knew we should have put anti-spider defences up," Brent muttered to himself.
The spider lunged at poor Wes who bravely tried to fight it with his sword. The spider however was too quick and pretty soon Wes was getting overwhelmed. Meanwhile the other two kept shouting at him to get in, yet the spider stood in his way.
"Oh I can hear my hearts dropping like sand in a cave-in," Wes yelled.
"He's so doomed," Brent sighed. Eric nodded in agreement.
Suddenly, an arrow shot through the air. It whizzed over their heads and struck the spider in the rear. The spider turned but couldn't see the attacker. Another arrow hit it in the back. It got angry and rushed for the wall. Wes, Eric and Brent rush each looked up. Just visible in front the vivid orange of the rising, square sun was a figure in fool diamond armor. The spider saw him too and he shot another arrow at it's eyes before it lunged. The figure deftly pulled out a diamond sword and hit the spider with one final stroke which curled up in and exploded in a shower of string.
The figure stepped forwards. Behind the shiny armor, they recognised the face of Spyke.
"Wow! thanks Spyke, I owe you my life," Wes scratched his head, "and were'd you get that diamond for your armor, we've been searching for ages!"
"You must search for only a while longer for your diamonds. There will your griefless, uber secret megabase be found and then... Bukkit Paradise."
In seconds, the figure vanished.
Brent, Wes and Eric all stared at each other.
"Let's mine!"

The End

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