Down the Shaft

A Minecraft Fan Fiction written for the Shaft which is a Minecraft Podcast.

Episode 1: Along Comes the Ghada

"Come on Eric, we ain't got all day!" Brent looked back, his torch flickering as he thrust it out to see what was coming. He could hear the softest pattering behind him. So it wasn't a creeper then.
"Chill, I've almost got it," Eric wiped his forehead with his sleeve and took another pick at the stone. At the same time, the steps were getting louder, coming towards the last turn.
"I know!" he took a mighty swing and the rock shattered. Suddenly a torrent of water pushed them backwards, sending them straight for the invader.
"It is a creeper!" Brent yelled as Wes appeared.
"Hey guys," he smiled, until he noticed the flurry of muddy, brown water that came flooding towards him, "damn it, I just got loads of iron!" he cried as all three bodies were left in a tangled mess, their items sprayed about like flotsam on the ground.
"Poop blocks," Brent muttered, then stood up. He moved to the edge of the water and kicked it angrily, "it's gonna take ages to bucket all this away. Shame Almighty Notch, our Minecraftia Deity could not get us some plumbing."
"Oh yeah, that would save a tonne of time," Eric agreed, "wait a sec, did anybody bring buckets?"
"I would have made some if the water didn't eat everything," Wes grumbled.
"Then what we gonna do?" Brent questioned.
They all stared at each other for a while, each coming up with ideas.
"We could go back to base and get some buckets-"
"-there's no way we'll remember the way back, you don't know how many tunnels we built to get here Wes-"
"-how 'bout we dig for a little bit and try to get some more iron?"
"Yeah but all our torches got destroyed by the flood. No light equals death!"
"Then it's hopeless, our masterplan for a griefless, uber secret megabase has gone out of the window!" Wes roared, "Why Notch why!"
"Never fear!"
They all quickly turned around.
"Man you're quieter than a creeper," Brent called out. There was a strike of light and a torch lit up revealing a youthful lady.
"Oh it's Ghada!" Eric smiled happily. And from her backpack, Ghada took out several buckets, "wow you must be strong to be able to carry all them. Oh and hey, thanks for your help," Eric reached into his backpack for a second and pulled out something square and squidgy, "the last of my cake," Ghada's eyes lit up as she snatched the cake and gobbled it up.
"mm, I like candy," she laughed softly, "anyway, lets get to work boys," with that, they took up a bucket each and began clearing up the water.
"Man, with help like yours, we could have this griefless, uber secret megabase up and running in no time!" Eric laughed heartily.
"Indeed," Brent nodded, "you've really gotta love the awesome Minecraft community," he shook his head, smiling with pleasure, "now how 'bout some music while we work boys and gals," he looked appreciatively towards Ghada, "Ghada, Wolvs apprentice, this ones for you!"

The End

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