The CallMature

This is a twisted version of a classic fairy tail.

“Okay, well thank you for your time.” Alice said as she hung up the phone.

“No luck?” Isabelle asked after taking a sip of her coffee.

“What do you think? UGH!! I need a job. I don’t think I can look my mom in the eyes again after the last time I asked for money or argue with her over me moving back in.” Alice said exhaustedly.

“Oh sweetie, cheer up. I’m sure something will turn up.” Isabelle reassured.

“Hey, what about where you work, Iz? Do you think they’ll hire me?”

“Sure they’ll hire you. Hart’s is always looking for new tarts. But I honestly don’t think you’ll be able to do it.”

“And why the heck not?” Alice asked feeling insulted

“Do you even know what it is I do?”

“You’re a stripper or something, right?”

“Okay, first, they are called exotic dancers. Stripper is demeaning. Second, I am not a stripper. I entertain people by using my body and wearing super-hot outfits, okay?”

“Yeah, okay. And why can’t I wear super-hot outfits and entertain people?” Alice asked. Her blue eyes darkening in frustration.

“You’re just too…innocent.”

“I am not innocent.”

“Fine then. Why don’t you put on something sexy and come entertain me?” Isabelle teased as she slowly ran her hands up Alice’s legs.

“NO!” Alice squealed too loudly.

“Told ya”

“Look, just please put in a good word for me. Please…” Alice pouted.

“Alright, fine. Quit pouting before I kiss you.” Isabelle threatened.

Later that night, Alice gets a call.

“Hello?” Alice answers

“You’re lucky I love you.” Isabelle laughs over the phone.

“I got the job!” Alice screams excitedly.

“They will to train you tomorrow night. They’ll have the whole place shut down just for you so you better be ready.”

“Shut it down? What do you mean?” Alice asks confused.

“Just check your mail tomorrow and look for a card. Call the number on the card and ask for Rabbit.” Isabelle instructs.

“Rabbit? What are you…?”

“Just do as you’re told. By the way, your favorite color is baby blue right?” Isabelle interrupts.

“Yeah but why…”

“I thought so. Hey, I gotta go. Love you.” Isabelle hangs up.

The next morning, Alice checks her mail.

She finds a business card sitting neatly on top of her mail. The card reads: Hart’s Dream Escapes and has a phone number and address on it.

She calls the number and a deep voiced man answers the phone.

“Rabbit?” She asks

“Speaking,” the man replied.

“Um…I’m Alice Write. I was told to call and ask for you.”

“Yes, you were. Go to the address on the card. Be here at 7 and be prepared.”

“Prepared?” She asks as he hung up the phone. Alice automatically calls Isabelle.

“Hello?” Isabelle groggily answers.

“Be prepared?” Alice asks


“Rabbit said ‘be prepared’. What does that mean?”

“Oh, honey. You know “prepared”.” Isabelle replies nonchalantly.

“Iz, if I knew, would I be calling you asking what it meant”

“You know: shit, shower, and shave”

“Oh, wait what? Shave what?”

“Full body. Head to toe.”

“What? Why?”

“Just good for the job. You could just go get a wax or better yet, let me come shave you myself.” Isabelle teased.

“No! I’ll do it myself. It’s fine.” Alice blushed at the thought of Isabelle being anywhere near her naked skin.

“Fine. Suit yourself. The offer is always here.” Isabelle said as she hung up.

            Alice walked into the shower and turned on the hot water. Her nerves for upcoming night seemed to dissipate as the warm water hit her back. She ran her hands through her long blonde hair as the water ran over it. She grabbed her shampoo and poured some into the palm of her hand. She relaxed even further as she began to knead her hair, making sure to cover every inch in the sweet smelling suds. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back as the warm water began to rinse away the suds. She slowly rubbed her hands down the side of her neck and down her chest. She slowly groped and kneaded her breasts until her nipples began to harden. She plucked and pulled at one nipple while she moved her other hand sensually down her stomach to the sweet spot between her legs. It wasn’t until she felt the first brush of pubic hair that she remembered that she had to shave. She quickly shaved her underarms and her legs. She stood there, razor in hand, trying to figure out where to start or how to start. She groaned in frustration as she realized her only option. She jumped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around herself, and went to make the call.

            Alice opened the door and let Isabelle into her apartment. She was still in her towel and blushed as Isabelle looked at her with a raise eyebrow.

            “Well, well. Aren’t you a sight? I’m actually surprised you called” Isabelle said grabbing a wine cooler out of the fridge.

            “I just don’t know what to do. I’ve never had to do this before.” Alice whined as a blush crept across her face again.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you.” Isabelle reassured picking Alice’s chin up so that they met each other’s eyes. “Now lay back on the bed so I can see what we’re dealing with.”

            Alice led Isabelle into her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. She laid back watching Isabelle rummage through the bathroom. Isabelle came back with a rag, bowl of warm water, shaving cream and a razor. She sat on the floor facing Alice’s now closed legs.

            “You’re gonna have to spread your legs, Aly”

            “I’m not so sure about this.” Alice said nervously

            “Here open your mouth.” Isabelle ordered

            “What?” Alice exclaimed sitting up

            “Lay back and open your mouth. Trust me.” Isabelle insisted. Alice laid back and opened her mouth as Isabelle took a long drink of the wine cooler and stood up. She slowly laid herself on Alice’s body and spit the drink into Alice’s open mouth. “Swallow.” Alice obeyed, confused by the heat building between her legs. “Feel better?” Isabelle asked with a smile as she got up.

            Alice nodded completely dazed from either the alcohol or her body’s reaction to her best friend.

            “Good.” Isabelle said kneeling again and slowly spreading Alice’s legs apart exposing her sweet spot.

            Alice could sense the heat building up as she felt Isabelle making slow movements on her sweet spot. Isabelle slowly rubbed the shaving cream onto Alice, getting every spot with hair. She then dipped the razor in the water and began to slowly shave. Spreading Alice’s legs even wider to get full view and using her other hand to spread Alice’s folds to get every bit of hair. Alice closed her eyes and focused on ignoring the thoughts going through her head.

            “There. All done.” Isabelle says sitting back on her ankles admiring her handy work. “I still can’t believe you’ve never shaved before.”

            “I never had to. John never really cared about it.” Alice said bringing up her now ex-fiancé and only sexual partner. She sat up to see for herself what she looked like shaved.

            “Yeah well John’s an ass and a boring, vanilla one at that. Say, maybe I could show you a thing or two myself.” Isabelle says moving towards Alice, resting her elbows on both legs. “You know, I could do some things that John wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing to you.”

            “I don’t know. I mean you’re my best friend.”

            “That’s exactly the point. What’s a little fun between friends? We’re still gonna be friends either way.”

            “I wouldn’t even know what to do to you though. I mean I’ve never been with a girl before.”

            “Who says you’d be doing anything?” Isabelle asks as she moves her hands up Alice’s thighs.

            “But...” Alice breathes

            “Just lay back and enjoy it” Isabelle lightly pushes Alice back on the bed. She opens up the towel to expose Alice’s fully naked body. “Relax and enjoy it. Focus only on the pleasure.” Isabelle takes another swig of the bottle and moves to kiss Alice while spitting the liquid in her mouth. Alice hesitates at first before kissing her back. Feeling a shock run down her spine and between her legs as Isabelle starts running her tongue along her lips before pushing it into her mouth. Alice slides her tongue against Isabelle’s, matching each stroke. She can feel Isabelle’s hand start to run down her chest and along her body until she grabs her hip and pulls her close. Heat began to pool between her legs as she started grinding into Isabelle, matching each stroke of her tongue. Isabelle broke the kiss only to start kissing down her neck. Slowly until she bit down onto Alice’s collar bone while pulling a handful of her hair. Alice reveled in the pain and found it strange that even though it hurt, it turned her on more. Isabelle moved further down, taking one of Alice’s breasts into her mouth while playing with the other. Alice jolted as she felt Isabelle bite and suckle on her nipple all while tugging on the other. Isabelle then started kissing further down to her stomach, running her nails down Alice’s chest. Alice jumped as she felt Isabelle move her mouth down to the now shaven area. All she felt was Isabelle’s warm breath between her legs before a sudden jolt after another as Isabelle started licking on Alice’s most sensitive spot. Alice was swimming in a pool of ecstasy until Isabelle put two fingers inside her, completely undoing her. Alice completely lost herself in pleasure like she had never known before. Isabelle started going deeper and faster, causing Alice to moan louder until they turned to screams. Isabelle moved back up and kissed Alice deeply, though never stopping her rhythm. Alice felt Isabelle’s tongue sliding against hers once more and she moved accordingly, matching each tongue stroke all while tasting herself. Isabelle broke the kiss, only to bite into her neck. The pleasure mixed with the pain of the bite was enough to send Alice over the edge as she spasmed and came all over Isabelle’s hand.

            “Damn girl, I take it you enjoyed that.” Isabelle laughed breathlessly. All Alice could do was nod her head. “Well good. I bet John never did that to you.” Alice laughed in agreement.

            “You’re really good at that.” Alice said quietly.

            “I was, wasn’t I?” Isabelle laughed, “Not get up and get dressed. You have a big night ahead of you”

The End

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