Down the Old Cobble Stone roads

this story tells how one girl can make a change and how one boy can be a change for her world.

It's a start.-thank you.





A small puddle splashed against my brown boots as I stepped onto the cobble stone street. Becket is a small town, known for its homey feeling, old cobble stone streets and beautiful buildings.  Trees outline the sides of the streets, twinkling at night, like stars in the sky.  Store after store file down the sidewalks.  All of the buildings are older looking, simple but "cute." Many have been re-done and changed numerous times, but Becket still goes for that "at home" feel.  Out of town is mostly woodland,farms, and cleared prairies, ruled by tall grasses. Every now and then a long drive  would appear leading to a relativley large country looking house. Becket likes to keep the town simple and homey.  If your not born into the town then it's a challenge getting in.

The End

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