Down the cliff

This will talk about a man who designed a suit that makes him fly-... and I will not spoil the rest.

I sat inside my workshop; with dust all over my face and oil literally all over the wooden ground and the wooden roof, as I shuffled along the papers, I found a work that was meant to be designed long ago, now I'm 30 years old, and this work was made to be designed 10 years ago, but forget it, I'm making it, a wing suit!

I thought it was easy, but I lived on a cliff, there was no way down, only with a wing suit, and maybe dropping down slowly, but that doesn't mean I don't want the fast way down, I stumbled out of my workshop and stopped before I fell down the cliff; and looked at a couple of birds flying around the workshop, I had a strong urge to hunt them, I rushed inside my workshop and took out my shotgun and aimed at one of the birds, once I fired, all the birds except an injured one flies away, the bird fell down to the edge of the cliff, I quickly ran to the bird before it could fall down, but I felt a change in the tone, I was falling down the cliff, and I knew there was nothing to help me, not until I realized that there's a ledge down the cliff, the bird was still in my grasp.

I just grinned without any major injury and took out my butcher knife; skinning the bird as I sit down and look up to the air from the ledge. I thought about it and I'd better hurry up make the wing suit, I used my climbing skills to climb up the cliff and looked at my workshop in all it's glory, I walked inside and grabbed the bird's fur and entered it inside a machine, the machine was the most advanced machine which made any fur inserted into a suit, so yeah, a suit made out of bird's fur popped out of the machine, I grabbed the suit, but I wasn't ready yet. I took out a shovel and dug in a random spot and grabbed a dead body, yes, I kill people.

I placed the suit around the dead man and just threw him down the cliff, but, I forgot something! I quickly ran towards the dead man that was heading towards the ground in incredible speed, I frontflipped into the body and grabbed onto his shoulders; ofcourse, I weighed him down, which caused us to hit the cliff and roll down the cliff, after literally 1 hour, we hit the ground, I shouldn't have done this in the first place, I thought I was dead but then I opened my eyes and looked at a crowd of people surrounding me, I was quickly rushed to the hospital, but I could never leave my wing suit. As they carried me to a stretcher, I punched both of the members and knocked them down. It seemed like I had super powers, yes, super strength. I was feeling the power, I looked at the people crawling towards my wing suit. I grabbed each of the people and threw them towards the cliff, they fell down dead.

I grabbed the wing suit and placed it around my own self; it couldn't fly, just glide, so I had to climb up the cliff. Finally I reached my workshop and looked down and saw a bunch of people warning me, but eh.

I just closed my eyes and made myself drop, it was an amazing feeling, I was actually gliding... but how will I land? I knew it was a mistake, I just glided towards the ground with incredible speeds, but with a quick move I made the wing suit go up to the air, so it could fly!

I flied around the air and looked down to the people obviously jealous of me. It is not until ofcourse, the police arrived once they knew I killed a bunch of people by throwing them towards the cliff, and the dead guy.

They had a shotgun, if I got shot I will fall down to the ground injured like a bird, but they didn't, so this was my chance, I glided towards the police officers and snatched one of them with my foot, by their shoulders, and flied towards the workshop again, then I threw them down the cliff.

I was way stronger than most of the people, not until ofcourse I got hit by a bullet that ripped right through my chest; I just looked at the wound; and fell down the cliff helpless, I was rolling down the cliff while still alive, it was my last chance, I stretched my arms and flew towards the hospital truck that once was here to help me, and I ripped right through it's engines and towards the driver's seat, I sat down and looked at my wound, once I looked backwards I saw a bunch of people walking towards me with crowbars, I couldn't do anything, within a moment, I died.

The End

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