The First Lie

So it begins almost a whole day with my father and his children. As everyone sat at the dinner table, I noticed... There was something about my father's son, Romeo, that reminded me of myself. The sweet, naturally innocent blush on his cheeks, large green eyes, and that brown hair of his is the exact color of mine... Something seemed strange though, he didn't seem younger than me. If my suspicion had been correct, him and I are completely related and it's being hidden. 

Wouldn't it be a crazy thing if my mother had two children to the same man? The same man that left her and I in the dust? Of course it would be... But maybe this whole thing is making me go mad. Crazy mad. 

As my hands unfolded from the girls' after the dinner grace, I tried to ease my mind from the bizarre suspicions. Dinner began, everyone was sharing laughs and eating happily. But me. I couldn't even look at my food, it wasn't the dinners my mother would make me. These dinners were beautiful and homemade, and as much as I wanted to enjoy it with everyone else, I couldn't. 

Celly, the youngest child, held my hand and looked up at me. "You better take a bite, or else you'll end up getting sick before bedtime," she smiled after mumbling her words. Everyone stopped their fun just to look at me. Everyone looked so ashamed of me. It was that moment I felt my heart sink just a tad lower than it did once I realized my life was about to change.

I just want my mother back...

The End

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