Blue Shutters and Smiling Faces

My mind fluttered, and not in a good way, my stomach even churned, broiled, howled, and what else as my trip went on. A day seemed just like a life time, those thousands of miles by car and hours by plane made my legs cramp and my soul tremble. My father, oh my father, he doesn't even know I exist. In fact, I barely know how he'll react when he finds out. This only made the sick feeling worse. I just wanted my mother back, forever. The minutes felt like heart breaking hours without her and it was something my mind had a hard time going over. Maybe this all was some lucid dream.

But each of those horrid traveling hours from the states to London paid off, I suppose. Because the doors were open to a lovely looking cottage. The house was yellow, and it had blue shutters, it surprisingly felt like a calming home, maybe I wouldn't be so uncomfortable at all.

In the doors I marched, looking at three kids in the eyes, each of them smiling and holding a hand out to shake my own then take my bags. Behind me was a woman, a very cheerful and seemingly kind woman. As she commanded the kids to go, she patted me from behind and whispered "Stop there, miss. May I have a moment to welcome you? Before you settle, I must warn you that your father is very nervous to meet you. Especially now that he has three of his own children. Which are all your younger siblings.

Standing there, blank, my eager smile turned to a smirk, and that unsettling feeling was back once again. "Despite his betrayal, I think it's a good time for me to meet him..."

The End

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