Sanity Behind Lies

An Alice in Wonderland (fan made) sequel, with a Cinderella twist; a young girl, Mae, is mistreated by her father's wife and her daughters. But when all madness is broke forth, Mae finds herself in what seems to be a different world where her fate is planned.

Mother, sick in a hospital bed, helpless and cold skinned. I feared the underlord would rapture her, grasping at her chest and screaming "Come here, child. I've been waiting," as her soul burns away and she be left an angel of the footstep of a lone cloud. My mother was reaching elderhood, but that did make her old enough for her life to end before us. She was all I had, and if she left I would have to live with my father... I've never met my father.

By rumor, he was a very nice man but never had intentions of having children. So he left my mom with a ruthless heart, leaving but two girls behind. From what has been told, he doesn't even know I exist, my father was just a swinger. Hitting on girl to girl just to hit and run. Which never made my mother too happy. My mom was perfect, everyone knew so, even perfect to wed! But not right at this point.

She was flat lining, her breathing was cut short, her fingers trembled in my palms, it was hard to take in. I could feel my own lungs getting heavier and heavier as my bottom lip quivered, tears downed over our faces. Her last few moments have come. Those trembling fingers of hers froze in mine, their hard grip turning soft. "Mother.. Please, be a sweet angel, I won't let you go in pain," I whimpered, looking into her milky, blinding eyes as they looked into mine, the last of many tears dropping from her left cheek, and with her last breath, she muttered "You'll be a perfect queen..." then she was gone, so suddenly. Her hand fell from mine and I was short of words. Especially of how I felt. Broken... But that was an understatement, by far. Now here I am, a fifteen year old girl that truly has nothing but her name, Mae. 

The End

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