at Coinage

Over at Coinage, the sweat work of getting new words into the flow of word currency was conducted.  The word had to be distributed to the field workers, a world wide network of people who get the word into circulation on the street.  A handful were irreverant, young reporters who had no respect for the stylebooks and dictionaries, some song writers who would get the new words some radio play, but in this day and age, they were for the most part bloggers and text messagers.  They had made the work of the Coinage Department so much easier.

The word next on the distribution schedule, 'dentascum'.   The word was created to designate that icky film that gathers on one's teeth overnight.  The approach to this coinage would be the insertion of this word into the inside lingo of middle school girls, in particular the promotion of the derogatory phrase, "You are nothing more than dentascum."  We are also planning on working the advertising agencies that carry the toothpaste accounts.

The official projection of the Coinage Department is that dentascum will be part of the English language in four years, in Liverpool, England, New York, USA and Vancouver, Canada, probably in 18 months.

Our next assignment, phobiaphobia, the irrational fear of having irrational fears.



The End

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