Down at the Word Shop

     Words don't just appear out of thin air, you know.
     There's a little basement office just off Berwick Street in Moose Jaw, where lexi-birthers put in over seventy hours a week developing and honing the English language. It's been a well-kept secret for a long time, but old Josh the Janitor spoiled it a few weeks ago when he put out the new adjective collection instead of the garbage.
      I found it, and don't work for the grengacious Sanitation Department anymore. (That was one of the new adjectives they were working on, by the way. It takes about five point six years for the words to catch on.)
     Now I'm in on the word work, and want to share it with you on my blog here.
    Just keep it between us, though, OK?
     They still let old Grimsby run the D and R meetings, even though he keeps forgetting to close his mouth when he's finished speaking. I guess he's still living off the fame of coining the great word PIZZAZZ about seventy years ago. I've used it myself.
     Anyway, there was a lot of debate today about the ongoing project to change the word PALINDROME. That young Snipford has spent four years on his campaign to make the word read the same forwards and backwards. His suggestion to replace it with PALENELAP got six votes today, so he's getting closer.
      Miss Szcal wore a flurny sweater today, (that's another one of the adjectives old Josh tossed out for me to find), so she got a lot of attention for her presentation about needing to create a word for that little recess in the spine just above a person's backside. I suggested we should have a look at hers, but nobody laughed.  These people are all business. Anyway, they sent her idea down to the gang at Coinage, and she looked really happy.
    It was another one of those long meetings, and only one new word came out of it.
     You'll be hearing it in about five point six years. It's a description of the sort of faint impression that's left in an upholstered chair a bit after you've been sitting in it. I can't remember the exact spelling, but it was something like ASHWRINT.

The End

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