Each of the man takes me by an elbow, but I resist. I can see someone hanging out of the shattered windshield of the blue mini van. It's  just a few feet away, so I try to run toward it. The strangelings have other ideas. They spin me around and head me back toward my apartment.

"Wait, that guy might be alive!"  I think I see movement, but I can't be sure. I try to reach into my jeans for my cell, but both of my elbows are still attached to the two weird guys.

"We must get you to safety."  Green hoodie says as I try to pull free.

"But the guy...." I protest as they march me away from the van, and keep right on going past my door.

I crane my neck to see if anybody else is going to help the guy, but all I can see is the roof of the van from that angle. There are sirens and people running all over that corner, so all I can do is hope that the guy makes it.  I'm not a do gooder or anything, but I can't stand by and let somebody die if I can prevent it.

"Hey stop! We're  past my door." I yell at them as we keep getting further and further away from the only place I can feel safe, my apartment.

" It is not far now. Fear not my leader."  Fleece jacket tells me in a tone that sounds a lot like reverence, or it might be sarcasm, or even boredom. I'm not a great judge of character.

I turn my head sideways back and forth to get a good look at their faces. I want to know if they're snickering behind my back. I hope so, I hope this is just some kind of bizarre joke. I can't see their faces clearly. I don't know why, they're only a foot or two away from me. They have a firm grip on my biceps by this time. I couldn't move an inch except where they're  taking me. This day keeps getting better and better.... I'm  being abducted by a couple of crazies!

The End

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