The picture in the locket

Time seemed to be standing still. Jem was not sure if she was breathing. She looked at her sister, sitting in her wheelchair oblivious to the turmoil Jem was feeling.  Luce looked so happy. It had been too long since Jem had seen her look so radiant, and it was all down to this man. The mystery man that Jem was to meet tonight, for the first time, at Luce’s engagement party.

It wouldn’t be the first time that they had met though. Jem knew him. She thought she knew him so well.

They had met at the country club a month ago. Paulo Costriettini, How he had taken her breath away? He looked like a movie star in his tuxedo, she couldn’t keep her eyes from him. He had been talking to  her best friend, Sylvie, which had given her the perfect excuse to approach him.  Sylvie was married to the co-owner of the country club, James Grantling. 

“Jem” Sylvie smiled as she approached. “Let me introduce you to Paulo. Paulo has just bought the old Grange, and is going to convert it into a luxury hotel and restaurant.” 

Paulo had taken her hand and her heart was lost.

How was she going to get through the engagement dinner?  How could she break her sisters heart?

The End

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