Double Trouble

‘Luce. Where are those earrings? Called Jem from the bedroom.

‘They’re in the wooden box at the side of the bed’

‘Ok, I’ll get them. Oh I’m so excited for you. I can’t wait to meet your Mr Right. This guy must be something else if he’s captured your heart’ Jem walked into her sisters’ room carrying the box. ‘Right then let’s find Grans' ruby earrings. They will look perfect with your velvet dress.’ Sitting down on the patchwork quilt, Jem emptied the contents of the box onto her sisters’ bed.

Luce turned from the mirror where she had been drying her strawberry blonde hair. She pushed the wheelchair backwards and turned it round so that she was facing her sister. ‘I am so lucky’ she sighed. ‘I hope that you will meet someone who makes you as happy.’ She wheeled over to the side of the bed and looked at the tangle of chains and jewels. ‘Look there’s one!’ she said picking it out of the tangled heap. Luce held it up and glanced at her sister. ‘Jem. Are you ok?’

‘Well Luce,’ Jem hesitated. ‘Look this is your special day. It’s your engagement party so I was going to keep quiet until after, but …. I have met someone. We met last month at the club, and have seen each other every day since.’

‘Tell me more’

‘Girls’ Their mother peered round the bedroom door. ‘Are you ready? The guests will be arriving at any moment.’ She looked at her beautiful daughters, sitting so close. They looked so similar that at times it was difficult to tell them apart. ‘If only Luce hadn’t had that accident, everything would be perfect’ she thought to herself. 

‘We’ll be down in a moment Mum’ Jem blew her a kiss.

‘Ok don’t be too long. I know how you can loose track of time when you two start chatting’  

Jem turned back to Luce and suddenly noticed the locket round her neck. ‘Hey. That’s new. Have you got a photo of your mystery man in there? I still can’t believe that I haven’t met him yet. You have certainly kept him quiet.’

‘Yes I have but he’s much better looking in person’ Luce opened the locket and showed it to Jem.

For a moment Jem couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Was this a joke?

The End

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