Earlier that Day...

I walked into the courtroom with a solemn look on my face -this wasn't going to be an easy case and it had been such a long day.

The family had been rather frustrating this morning with the kids running all over the place and fighting a little bit rougher than they should. I had struggled to pick up a newspaper on my way to work - isn't that always the case?

I had been harassed by some preacher on the street, telling me that our world was ending and that some epic predator was on its way. Pfft to that.

On arriving at the court, I got some news that made my life a lot easier - one of my cases had been cancelled since the guy that I was supposed to be defending couldn't be tried - some loophole in the law or something; I didn't pay it much attention, instead focusing on my other case. I was prosecution in a patricide case - easy peasy. This guy got into a fight with his father and ended up killing him and the worst thing was that nobody in his family saw anything wrong with it. Sometimes I just don't get 'em.

I padded into the courtroom, lifting my head up high as I saw the judge on high. I nodded to him, bowing down out of respect. I took my place and waited to start, leafing through my files. My assistant popped up next to me, tapping me on the shoulder to wish me luck. After explaining how confident I felt, we shared a brief roar of laughter that the judge looked disapprovingly at. I apologised and sat, ready to pounce.

After a brief opening, the judge offered me the chance to begin. With a wide smile that showed a fair bit of my teeth, I opened my mouth and began:

"Grr! Roooar! Rwar!"

The End

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