Engine is Running

I was walking home from school. It was the dead of winter and I had to go and look after Blue (i.e. my manic horse, Double Dutch), at the yard, where my destiny was to freeze to death. Oh, yes. What could be better?

I suppose I took the ongoing, ridiculously generous gift from best friend (in his mind, more than best friend) Callum. But, he had all eternity to get the money back. He couldn't complain.

I slipped on some icy leaves, and swore loudly. I was on my own, and there was noone to catch me. I sucked in a loud breath. A few weeks ago, that would have been a nice, refreshing feeling. But today, the icy air spread through my body and I let a shiver rip through my ribcage.

It was getting dark already, and I was getting colder by the second. My house came into view, and I saw there was a car sat outside it. It was a small, old, silver Nissan, and the engine was running. The guy inside it had his whole torso turned towards me, and was smiling gently.

He opened the passenger door, leaning across the small seat. I smiled back at him, and he laughed slightly.

'This doesn't count as kidnap, does it?'

'Not if I go volentarily, I think.'

'I got your things from the house. Your all set to stay at my house. I also told your mum that your coming over.'

'How on earth did you convince her to let me stay?'

'Gentle persuasion.' He replied.

'Oh, Callum.' I shuddered at his perception of gentle persuasion and grinned. 'Thank you, though. Oh, what would I do without you?'

'You certainly wouldn't have your physcopathic death machine.'

'And who do you think you are insulting there?'

'Blue, obviously.' We chatted like this all the way to his house, where Blue was staying. Callum had been amazing, helping me with Blue. I couldn't have done it without him. His expertise and knowledge had been essential, but we also couldn't have managed without his money. I had no idea that bringing a horse back from the dead could be so expensive, but hey. I could pay him back some other time.

For now, I lived in a bubble of happiness that was formed by Blue and Callum

The End

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