Double Dutch

um, bringing things back from the practically dead? i dunno, really. i make stuff up as i write so tbh i have no idea what will happen. ill change this when i know whats gonna happen!! lol

Callum and I watched as the skinny horse trotted around the area. It was a 17hh black mare, part bred thoroughbred. It should have been a popular bidding session, due to the horses' quality breeding and clever personality, but the patchy, worn black coat and bones that stuck out desperately.

'Someone's not feeding their horses.' Callum muttered as the mare breathed heavily and fought the bit, which cut viciously into her mouth.

'I see potential.' I replied.'Look, her stallion is a champion steeplechase racer, and her mare is a top showjumper. With a bit of feed in her and some muscle she would be fantastic.'

'Let's see how much she's going for, first.' Callum replied, and I glanced up at him anxiously. The only person bidding was the meat man.

'Going, going...' Oh, joy. To the meat man for £50.

'£60' Callum called. My heart leapt slightly. I wasn't sure what it was; the idea of owning the horse that was glowing with potential or simply the sound of Callum's voice. I grinned up at him. I felt slightly bad about letting Callum buy a horse for me, but apparently all eternity was long enough to afford a horse.

'Seventy!' The meat man called out. I groaned audibly, and the people around us all grinned.

'Eighty.' Callum said firmly. This horse certainly wasn't going for alot.

'A hundred.' the mean man replied.

'Hunred and ten.' The horse suddenly reared wildly, and struck out at the leader. The meat man backed out and the horse was ours.

The horse bombed around the arena, kicking out and narrowly missing the walls.

'I know it's a bit late for this, but are you sure?' Callum grinned at me. I didn't reply, I just grimaced at the horse that was now showing no signs of stopping in the glinting whites of it's eyes.

'Going, going, gone! Double Dutch to the man in black at the back.'

'Oh, joy. Let's catch her, shall we?'

The End

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