Welcome to the CIA.Mature

Bennett walked in to the busy Boston field office of the FBI at One Center Plaza, Suite 600. Agents milled around looking at computer screens and reading case files and talking. It had been six weeks since Reynolds had gone and he was just starting to feel like he was back in the game. He sat down at his desk, as soon as he got on the chair. He heard a booming voice. 

"Bennett!, get in my office!".

It was Special Agent Groves, the man in charge.

"Oh shit!" Thought Bennett.

He gingerly walked to the office, it was never good news when Groves got you in the office on your own. He entered the office. 

"The boys upstairs want you on a case"

Bennett frowned.

"I thought you were my upstairs, chief, can't you send someone else" he paused "I hate those military CIA guys, they couldn't solve a case if they had a confession"

Groves stood up.

"They asked for you personally Bennett, they want some help to catch the people behind Reynolds' murder" he paused "apparently you and Reynolds had stumbled on to a case they were running"

"My God, Groves I lost my partner".

Groves sat back in his seat. 

"Well maybe this is pay back for you, your chance to get some closure. I know it's not been easy for you, these last few weeks".

Bennett nodded.

"I've been to see Molly a lot over the last few weeks, she's not coping well"

Groves slid a file across the desk. 

"They want you to report to Langley ASAP".

CIA headquarters Langley.

Bennett arrived at the front gate at Langley, the armed guards and security were intimidating. He reported to the main desk and was whisked away by a young agent who led him to an interrogation room.

"Please, wait in here. Your testing will begin shortly". Bennett frowned 

"What testing?". 

The young agent left without saying anything else. A suited man arrived after about five minutes. 

"Ah Mr Bennett, I need to ask you a few questions"

"What questions" 

Bennett was starting to feel like it was an interrogation.

"Everyone gets a polygraph test when they arrive at Langley. It nothing personal"

Begrudgingly Bennett complied and he was wired up to the machine.

"OK, just a few control questions" the man scribbled some notes.

"Is your name Jack Bennett?"

"Yes, that's what it says on my FBI badge anyway".

The agent scribbled some more notes.

"A simple yes or no will do"

"You've been with the bureau six years, is that correct?"

Bennett waited. "Yes"

"You have two children"

Bennett frowned. "No, I don't have any children". 

The agent stared at him. 

"When was the last time you killed someone?". 

Dark images flashed through his head. 

"About six weeks ago". 

The agent lent over to the polygraph machine and scribbled something on the ream of paper spewing out of the back of it.

"And what did you feel like when you killed, agent Bennett?".

"He'd just mortally wounded my partner; so I felt pretty good about it to be honest". He paused to focus his mind. "Not at the time, but afterwards for sure".

"Why do you say not at the time?".

Bennett snapped.

"Well I was busy shooting him at the time and in between stopping Reynolds from bleeding to death"

The agent wrote a last note and started to pack his equipment away.

"Thank you agent Bennett, that concludes our test"

"Did I pass".

The agent smiled at him.

"They don't work like that. Someone will be along shortly"

"And in the mean time?"

"Wait here". 

The agent left. He had been waiting about twenty minutes and he was starting to get agitated, when agent Carlos Martinez entered the room.

"Hey what the hells going on here?" Bennett protested.

"We're OK now, sorry about all the red tape bullshit, it's just how they do things up here" he shook Bennett's hand.

"Come on let's get you your ID and then you can come to the briefing room".

The offices at Langley were much bigger than what he was used to. Corridors seemed to stretch off on many different tangents from the main walkways.

"You're quite the agent Bennett, you've got a lot of kudos around here at the moment".

Martinez opened a door to a large room. A large whiteboard at the back of the room was covered with pictures and notes. A few agents were already in the room sitting waiting for Martinez to start the briefing.

"Grab a seat Bennett, I'll introduce you to the team and your new partner after the briefing".

The briefing began.


The End

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