The warehouseMature

The large black 4x4 screeched to a holt out side the abandoned warehouse. Dust from the ground blew up in to the warm evening air. They could see the white van clumsily parked near the entrance. Reynolds slowly walked over to the van checking around as he did. He felt the the bonnet, it was still warm. He pulled out his gun and gestured to Bennett to move to the entrance.

Bennett slowly opened the door and quietly slid inside, his gun raised checking the corners as he entered. The warehouse had obviously been abandoned for many years. They slowly climbed the steel stairs that led to the office spaces on the first floor. As they got to the top they could hear voices. Bennett gestured for Reynolds to cover the office door. As he moved he knocked a small piece of metal with his foot. They stopped moving and looked at each other. Bennett's face was scrunched up he was mouthing profanities at him.

Suddenly there was a hail of bullets flying around their heads. They ducked to the ground and started to return fire. One of the offenders was hit he fell to the ground, he made no other movements. The firing continued Reynolds ran to the doorway as he did he was hit, it spun him round and he fell to the floor. Bennett scurried across the floor and dragged him behind the wall.

"I'm hit bad".

Bennett applied pressure to the wound, blood oozed through his fingers. Bennett knew this was a bad situation.

"Don't sweat it buddy, help is on the way"

He ducked again as more shots came at them. Suddenly the offender made a break to escape.

"Hold up buddy, I'll be right back"

 He ran through the office and down the stairs that led to the lower floor. It was silent, a bird flew out from a window ledge. Bennett turned; his gun raised. He heard footsteps, he turned back to see the man running towards the open cargo door.

"Freeze FBI!"

The man continued running to the door.

"FBI!" He drew a bead on the man, the shot rang out and he fell to the ground. He was dead.

By the time Bennett got back up the stairs to Reynolds he was almost dead. He lay on the ground in a pool of blood.

"Stay with me buddy help is here".

Bennett knew this was not going to end well, so did Reynolds. Bennett grabbed him and held his head.

"You still owe me fifty bucks" Reynolds smiled.

"I'll have to owe it you" Reynolds took a last shallow breathe then he died.

Later that night...

Bennett pulled up the bar stool.

"Good evening sir, what can I get for you"

Bennett just stared at the bar

"Whiskey double"

"OK sir coming right up".

The young waitress' upbeat personality would of on any other day been infectious but today he hardly heard her. He grabbed the drink as soon as it hit the bar and slugged it down in one.


He'd heard stories about losing partners but it had never happened to him. Not Bennett. He slugged down the second drink.

"I'll have another"

"Sir, are you OK?" Bennett shrugged his shoulders

" I will be after a few more drinks".

"Bad day then"

Bennett looked up to see a stunning blonde twenty something, without a care in the world.

"I've got to deliver some bad news" the young girl frowned.

"I am sorry sir, I hope it goes well for you"

He looked up at her and smiled.

"It won't".

She touched his hand across the bar as if passing some ancient wisdom.

"Well good luck then sir".

She wandered off to serve another customer further along the bar. He had to deliver the news to Molly a sweet girl, he'd only met her a few times and only briefly when he had. She was Reynolds sister, baby sister. They were close and she was not going to take it well.

The End

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