Fight #2

Davion and Terrorblade stood face to face, both of their weapons drawn.

"So...The Soul Stealer, huh? wonder why they call you that." Davion spoke, sounding somewhat curious.

Terrorblade laughed, "You're about to find out." he replied, with an evil smile.
But Davion didnt have time to play around, he wanted to end this fight quick. Summoning the powers of his dragon heritage, he blew. Fire erupted from his mouth, hot enough to burn anything or anyone on its path.

Terrorblade had time to react, so he materialized a clone of himself and used it as a shield. The clone screamed and ran wildly as it turned to ash. Then he materialized another two more copies of himself.

"I see you're not holding back." He told Davion, who seemed annoyed by what he had done. When no response came, he sent one of the copies to charge.
Luckily for Davion, the clone was a lot weaker than the rel Terrorblade, so he defeated it with ease by beheading it.  He knew that if he lost track of who was the real Terrorblade, he would be in trouble. Even though the replicas were weaker, they served as a great distraction leaving the real Terrorblade unchecked to do what he wanted. But Davion has lived for many centuries, and had fought many battle, his experience in combat along with his dragon sense, allowed him to keep track of the real one.

"This is going to be an annoying fight." He commented, looking at Terroblade's replica.

"I dont need these to kill you, human." Terrorblade laughed and made the copy disperse, "Now lets start with the real fight." Using his wings for a boost, he launched himself into the air, coming down at Davion from above, using his weight for extra damage.

Davion blocked it with his shield, but the sheer force made him lose his balance. Terrorblade didnt give him any chance to stand, and began slashing away. Davion's battle experience and shield helped him block and parry the blows, except one which went through his silver armor, leaving a wound on his stomach. Using his shield, he pushed Terrorblade away, wounding the elf in the arm at the last second.
After recoving, he sent another fire ball towards Terrorblade, who materialized a copy of himself to block it. Just then he felt a sudden dizziness and fell to his knees, feeling as if part of his life was sucked away.

Terrorbale laughed at the sight, "My blade were forged by the demon lord himself, and given to me through a painful ritual. This blade are part of me," He explained showing Davion the wound on his arm. It began to quickly heal. "When it tastes my opponents blood, it sucks the life force out of them, and transferring to me. And that, human, is why they call me, 'Soul Stealer'."

"Nasty trick indeed. But its going to take more than that to kill me elf." Davion stood, What other annoying trick does this elf have, he wonered, I wasnt planning on turning here, but this pitiful elf is leaving with no other choice.

"Oh, then you're going to love this!" Terroblade laughed, as a darkness began to surround him. "Let me show you what a real demon looks like!" His skin began to darkened, and horned emerged from his forehead, and his blades began to fused with his arms. The darkness began to cover him completely. When it dispersed, what came out wasnt an elf anymore, but a demon. Its skin was patch black, its red eyes were engulfed in flames. The blades were now part of Terror's own body. Upon his back rested his two new demonic wings, covered in fire. After the transformation he materialized a greed ball of acid, and threw at Davion, whom easily blocked it. But the upon impact, the ball exploded, and Davion was sent flying backwards, his shield shattering. He got up gasping for breath.

Terrorblade took to the skies, his large wings were now big enough to keep him in the air. He quicky began throwing more acid balls at Davion. Davion, knowing the danger of the acid, dodged them by rolling. He knew Terrorblade was just playing games with him, he had to do something. The only thing that came to mind was his last option, an option he didnt want to take. But there was no choice, so he called upon his dragon heritage. Soon red scaled began to grow on him, his nails grew and turned to claws, as his neck stretched and his face took the shape of a dragon. On his back, two red wings emerged, braking his armor. He grew in size until he was no longer a human, but a full fleshed dragon.

"Our little human grew some scaled." Tarrorblade teased, his voice now sounding deep.

Davion Roawred and launched to the sky, letting the flame out of his guts. Terrorblade blocked the fire by covering himself with his new massive wings. When he reopened them, Davion was on top of him, slashing away with his claws and tail.
As the fight dragged on, Terrorblade got stronger, due to his soul stealing ability. As Davion's wound got deeper, Terror's wound healed. Davion had to disengage and shoot fire balls from a distance. But it was futile, he was just wasting his energy for nothing. He had to to try something else, so he landed, trying to conserve his energies.

Terrorblade followed him to the ground, "What happened? we were just getting to the fun part." he said.

Davion ignited his blood and opened his mouth. A great ball of fire erupting from within. Terrorblade closed his wings to cover the fire. But Davion kept it going, like a flamethrower. He was wasting a lot of energy, but this was his last chance. He will see how long this demon can last under his breath of fire.

2 minutes passed.....Terrorblades wings began to glow red from the excessive heat, 10 minutes...The heat from withing was suffocating him, 15 minutes...He could no longer take, and flapped his wings open, taking flight. Davion following him into the air, and keeping the fire up. He could sense Terrorblade's energy drop, although his own was also diminishing, but due to his dragon blood he was able to keep it up much longer.

Davion took the advantage by biting one of Terrorblade's wings. They both fell and rolled on the ground, scratching and biting each other. Davion again disengaged ad started another fire. But  he had already wasted too much energy and reverted back to his human form.

"Time to die human!" Terrorblade shouted and charged, claws opened.
But at the last moment Davion picked rolled to one side and pick up his sword. The sword went right through Terrorblade's chest, and he changed back to normal. He looked at the sword in shock.

"Its over." Davion whispered and kicked him back. Terrorblade fell flat on his back, blood spilling from his chest. "You were too hasty, that costs you the loss."

The End

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