Dota tournoment. Fight #1

 Kunkka VS  Magina

Round 1

Both opponent circled each other analyzing and calculating their weaknesses. It was Magina who decided to make the first move. He charged, spring foward using his speed advantage over Kunkka. The half-demon Elf was more agile, and more physically fit than the Admiral.

Kunkka blocked the first two attacks blows, but the third one cut his shoulder. Magina had two weapons, along with his speed, Kunkka knew he was up for a real challange. He knew that to beat the elf he had to be more than strong. He had to be cunning.

They both exchanged blows for about a minute before Magina made a mistake and left himself open. Kunkka sized the chance and tilting Tidebringer, he swung, aiming for the neck. But just before the blade of his great sword touched skin, Magina disappeared, vanishing into thin air, and reappeared behind the baffled Admiral. The elf sliced and diced the Admiral's back, blood spilling the floor. Kunkka rolled forward to avoid any more damage.

"Whew" Magina laughed, his twin blades dripping bloom from the edges. "That was close."

Kunkka said nothing and charged, raising Tidebringer and doing a downward slash, which Magina dodged at the last moment. Then the heat was on again as they exchanged a few more blows, sparks flying in all directions. Magina still had the advantage though, he managed a few more cuts on Kunkka's body. Minor cuts and wounds, but they were starting to add up.

Just like before, Magina slipped and left himself open. Kunkka wasted no time in taking advantage of it, by going for the neck again. But just like before, the elf blinked away at the last moment. "Dammit!" The Admiral cursed.

"Its ok if you cant catch up, its natural for a human to be slower than an elf." Magina teased.

"Shut up!" Kunkka shouted, but deep down he knew Magina was right, he was never going to land a hit, at least not by fighting  evenly. He needed to use his powers.
It was time to use 'it'. Using Tidebringer, he curved an X on the ground, and marked another on his hand hand. Now all he needed to do was touch Magina for it to take effect.

Confused as to what his opponent was planning, Magina charged. He managed to cut Kunkka again, before he was pushed away, and on his chest was now an X, marked by blood. Not sure what it meant he charged again, going for the kill.

Kunkka didnt move, only called upon his power over the waters, and on the ground right where the X lay, cracks began to form, steam sipping from them. 

One of Magina's twin blade touched Kunkka's neck, before the elf vanished again, unwillingly this time for he did not meant to blink, and appeared right on top of the X. Seconds after, a torrent of water pumped out of the ground, sending Magina flying backwards and landing on his back. The pain prevented him from moving.

Kunkka approached him and raised Tidebringer. "It's over." He said, and brounght Tiderbring downward. Magina managed to block it just inches from his head. Now it was a fight of will power, as they both battled to overpower their opponent. But clearly, Kunkka had the advantage in this, humans being stronger than elves. But by calling upon his powers, Magina blinked away again.

"What an annoying ability." Kunkka spat.

"Meh, it works. If you surrender now, you save me the trouble of killing you."

Kunkka laughed out loud, "It's not over yet, but I guess you leave me no choice!" He raised Tidebringer, and nailed it on the ground. Seconds after, a mist began to appear around the battlefield. It was time to call upon his ultimate move. Just then a wrecked Ghost Ship materialized in the mist and came crashing down heading for Magina.

Magina blinked away, but he was teleported back onto the X. He just watched how the ship came upon him. He managed to jump out of the way at the last moment, but he wasnt quick enough to avoid his leg being crushed, by the ship's keel.
When the ship stopped moving, the mist began to disappeared, leaving the ship motionless on the field.

That ultimate took the last bit of energy Kunkka had, he was only strong enough to drag Tidebringer. When he approached the nearly dead Magina, he summoned his last bit of strength to raised his sword up, for the final blow.

"Its over. It was a good fight."

But now it was Magina's turn to use his ultimate move, and considering the state Kunkka was in, it will do maximum damage.

Kunkka's smile vanished when glowing blue spheres began appearing everywhere and circle around him.

"You're right, it is over, but I will be the victor. It was a good fight, human, but this is where it ends."

Kunkka, fearing what his opponent might do, slashed Tidebringer downwards. But just before it reached Magina's head, the blue spheres got inside his body, detonating. The explosion sent Magina rolling backwards.

The now severely wounded and exhausted Magina barely stood, "I win."

The End

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