Dormant Hearts

Twilight Fan fic inspired by Smac and Rachel's comment that Esme's story was not mentioned much...I bet it was interesting though...

I wanted to be able to show her him...Carlisle. The way I saw him that day. But I couldn't paint pretty mental pictures like Nessie could. But I could picture it in high definition. What was I six or nine? Young enough to still believe in fairytales and princes. I was swinging on a swing and slowly dragging my feet in the sand pits in my yard. I looked up when I heard the sound of horse hooves clicking. He hopped from his carriage.

All I saw then  was a dark thin man walking to the side door. Suddenly the heavens broke or perhaps merely the clouds. In the columns of light I saw his halo and it sparkled and then just as quickly it retreated. He stopped slowly and waved. I nervously lifted up my hand but did not wave. I wasn't use to grown ups noticing my prescence. Like many children of my day I was meant to be a prop. A symbol of fertility.

I watched this figure walk into my house and I clenched the fraid ropes and dragged my feet deeper in the sand just to make sure I didn't follow after him. I wasn't allowed in the house until closer to supper especially since mama got pregant again. But I was so curious. Who was he? Who was he to me? But ofcourse I was to young to be thinking that...All I wondered at that tender age is if he would be nice.

" It's not fair...I have no choice" She muttered

I pushed her into a kitchen chair and said " Sit'

" Esme...Grandma.."

" Sit. All you need is a cup a tea" I ordered

I filled up the kettle with water and plugged it in and then I placed a tray of scones on the table. I had been getting back into the glamour and sophistication of afternoon teas. So far no dared fight me on my new interest. Despite the fact that most of us could not actually eat.

" I don't see what tea will solve. Your probably on his side too..." Nessie grunted.

I looked at her and laughed lightly. What was she now seventeen? In a month Carlisle said she would be grown up. She certainly looked it. I could understand why Jacob would get jealous but he would need to stop being so territorial. It certainly wasn't helping the attitude Nessie had picked up. But then again she was a teenager.

I sat down accross from her and folded my hands on the table. I smiled gently, non threateningly.

" I think we have more in common than you think...I grew up in a time where I had even less choice than you. I sort of know what your dealing with..."

Nessie slamed ner fist on my antique table and cracked it. I smoothered a groan. It had only been in my family for decades...Before I could respond Nessie started spitting out words.

" Really? Really?! Did Carlisle ever come into your highschool dance and growl at any boy that made eye contact with you? Who doesn't make eye contact at the dj? I'm the star of the show!"

She had gotten her fathers musical talents and her mothers gift for hestarics.

The End

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