The Z geneMature

It was starting to get light now. They had been driving for a couple of hours now and where both starved. James drove up to a waffle bar. He got out of the car and lifted the sleeping girl up and into the restrant he sat her up as she began to come to. "Daddy where are we?" James reached into his pocket and pulled out his allmost empty wallet. "Where gona get something to eat Hunny, then we will be back on the road."

They left the waffle bar full up and with little cash to spare.

They sat in the car. James looked at the fuel gauge and noticed the arrow peeking over the red mark He sighed and put his head in his hands and began to sob. All that had hapened to him in less then a day the loss of his wife, Going broke and worst of all someone had harmed his little girl, He knew he wouldnt have soladice until he had got his retribution.

The End

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