You couldnt have saved HerMature

He walked up to a set of stairs leading to an office. He looked out of the window into the building to see a little girl tied to a chair. "Dora." The tied up girl soon came to life looking around to find the source of the noise. He kicked through the locked door and ran to her. "Dora." He slowly peeled away the tape covering her mouth and untied the rope binding her to the chair. "Daddy I knew you’d come u I just knew it." She leaped up at him and hugged him tighter then she normally could. "Sweetie nothing will keep you from me but how on earth did you get so strong. Have you been working out hunny?" He said jokingly. He made sure she was ok; she was fine except for some track marks up her left arm. "Dora what are these?" She ignored him still holding onto Him like He was her life source. "DORA." He tried to pull her off but he couldn’t she was far too strong for him. "DORA what did they do to you." She finally let go He could feel one of His ribs pounding almost like it was bruised but how She was only five how on earth could she do that. "They made me better Daddy they said I had to or the white coat man would take me away." He stared into her eyes. She went into her pocket and gave James a note. He took it and unfolded it to find a set of coordinates and a small message saying "U want Katie fine here she is." He Grabbed Dora and ran to the car he put the coordinates into the GPS as the screen loaded tears streamed down his face.

A minute later it had loaded he followed the route to find where it was he knew that address, it was his. He reflected back to when he went into the burning house running past the closed door. He knew where she was but he couldn’t do anything. He sat in his car and watched his wife burn in what was once there family home his most joyful place. He held Dora close and sobbed into her shoulder. He cleared his thought and a look of content came across his face. He lent down to ask Dora. "Sweetie you said a Man in a white coat. Did you see the Man’s face?" She shook her head. "No Daddy he just said Mommy was in a better place. What did he mean?"

He spent the next few minutes explaining to Dora what had happened and told her how strong she has to be. "Sweetie I promise I will not stop until I get whoever did this. But you need to be strong not for me not for you but for your Mommy ok She wouldn’t want to see her pride and joy in pain." He cleared the tears from her face and they set off down the motorway Dora lay on the back seats asleep but James knew he would not sleep not till he had received his revenge.

The End

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