You have reached your destinationMature

 He sat in the car and turned on the GPS to find two options Katie and Dora under the two options it said that He may only choose one and when he clicks it the other shall be erased. He sat there in the wreck that he called a car just Him and His thoughts. He couldn’t live without His daughter but Katie was His one love love he pulled a coin out of his pocket and flipped it. Heads Dora and Tails Katie. The time it took that coin to land was the longest few seconds of his life. This simple flip of a coin would change his life forever. The coin landed on his palm and as he looked down with his tear filled eyes he saw who had won his life. He clicked Dora and within a couple of seconds the map was up and he was gone. Pushing his car to its limits the engine had been damaged when he crashed onto the hood. He saw smoke coming from under the hood he was so close to the destination but the car just couldn’t go any more. It was now puffing extremely black smoke he knew he would need a new car he grabbed the GPS and left the scrap heap.

He walked a mile it was starting to get light now almost 5o'clock. He saw a glow in the distance he ran closer to it to find a huge sign reading "24Hour care dealer." through the front window he saw his new car a black ford GT. He marched up to the dealer and whipped out his card.

Half an hour later he was on the road once again to find his daughter. A voice on the GPS alerted him he was nearing his destination all he could think about was getting his baby back and getting revenge on the sick son of a bitch who did this to him.

He pulled up outside a warehouse "You have reached your destination."

The End

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