The past Haunts forever....Mature

It was a normal day for James
. He awoke next to his beautiful wife Katie. He gave her a light kiss on her sleeping cheek and  started to make his way down stairs. As he reached the bottom his five year old daughter burst out from around the corner. "Happy Birthday Daddy!!!" He picked her up and gave her warm open hearted hug and a kiss. "Awww thank you Sweetie." She handed Him a card covered from corner to corner in glitter. He opened the love filled card to see a picture of his wife and daughter beaming at Him. He saw a message written below and began to read aloud. "To Daddy have an amazing day from Mommy and Dora xx." His face lit up as he placed the card on the side and took a big sniff. "Sweetie what is that smell?" He poked his head round the corner and into the kitchen to find what looked like a war-zone between cake mix and milkshake. "Urm I was going to make you a Birthday cake but i messed up. Your not mad at me are You?". He looked at his daughter who's eyes where beginning to swell up with tears. "No Sweetie Daddy ain't ever mad at his Princess. Now help Daddy clean it up so He can he can head to work."

They spent the next half hour cleaning the kitchen from ceiling to floor. "OK Sweetie i need to be going now. Thank You for my lovely card don't wake up Mommy OK Hunny She still ain't feeling to good." She ran up to Him and gave him a big hug "OK Daddy IL see you later." He set out the door and got into his Dodge Challenger and set off to work.

He arrived at His work and was greeted by his receptionist the same as she would every day "Good morning Mr.Bowen." She said her face lit with the usual open hearted smile. "How many times don't think of Me as your boss call me James."

She was now smiling from ear to ear. "Yes Mr. James." He chuckled and entered the elevator clicking top floor knowing of the long day ahead.

Employees had left it was late nearing 11'oclock and his eyelids where getting heavy. He left the building and entered his car. On his drive home his phone started to ring, He didn't take any notice nothing was getting between him and his wife. As he turned into the village he saw a glimpse of something orange.  He turned into his drive and before him was his house l engulfed in flames. As tears rolled down his cheeks he left the car an shouted at the top of his voice. "KATIE!!! DORA!!!" He waited for a reply and he heard nothing. After a minuet He heard a voice of a young girl. "DADDY!!! HELP I CANT FIND MOMMY." He leaped through the front door riping it off its hinges and darted up the stairs with each step getting weaker then the next the landing was a maze of fire and ash. "DORA GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR!!!! I'M COMING FOR YOU!!!" He sprinted for the door runing past his open bedroom door and kicked His way through to find no one only a note reading "If you want her come and get her." Next to that was a tape recorder stuck on loop along-side a GPS with set locations already installed.

He stared at it for a moment. A split second after he picked it up he heard the landing crash down into the kitchen he had to get out. He saw the window was left open he creaped his way onto the outside of the ledge of the window he cautiously turned him self round so he was facing the car he heard an explosion from behind him the gas line had been ignited it was now or never he lept from the window onto the hood of his thirty three grand car. He picked himself up and felt a twitch in his arm it was clearly sprained from the fall He stepped back as the house began to collapse on itself slowly stopping the fire as he got into his now worthless car a peace of burning paper fell from the sky he got out and inspected the fire ball he stomped on it to put it out and picked it up. It was the picture of Katie and Dora he had received prior to the "incident" he let out a single tear and opened his wallet to place the picture inside. "I'm going to find you Dora no mater what it takes I'm coming for you."

The End

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