Go back to the security guard and ask when the packages were delivered.

Dora decided to go back to the security guard and ask about the packages.  She hurried back down the stairs and stopped at his desk waiting impatiently for him to finish with the woman in front of her.  Finally he finished.

"Hey what can I do for you Elise?"

"I need to know when you got those packages."

He paused slightly surprised by the look of urgency on Dora's face.

"Why they were here when I came in this morning Elise.  I thought someone else in the building left them for you."

Dora nodded and stepped back from the counter. 

"Hey is everything alright, Elise?"

"Yeah everything's fine."  She said without looking back.  As she re-entered her apartment her eyes fell on the boxes.  Who were they from and why were they sent?  She had to figure it out.

The End

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