Open the box.

Inside the flat box, opened first, were a red dress, loose pants, and cloak, as well as a strange, twelve-stringed guitarlike instrument. The device looked like a guitar that had a 45º halfway down, and then a second set of identical strings were placed in the same fashion. She plucked one string, and a horribly out-of tune note erupted from the device. She plucked again, in a spot just higher, and the note lowered, although she had no other finger on the string. She plucked up and down on the same string, somehow producing a wide variety of notes. Somehow, after only a few minutes, she was playing simple tunes on it with both hands, one on each set of six strings, although she had never picked up a piano or guitar in her life, let alone such a strange and impossible instrument.


The other box contained a set of mechanical parts, and an instruction booklet. Unfortunately, when the box was opened, the note on the side was ripped to shreds, as the packing tape had crisscrossed it several times. She had no idea how to repair the note, as the very fibers making up the paper had been separated. Oh, well. You couldn't read the inscription other than your own name, anyway.

The End

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