Will this volcanic ash ever go away? It's still very cold, cold enough to freeze faucets, that is. Miranda and Matt hardly remember most of the people that went to the same school as them and they've definitely got thinner. So thin, it seems as if you could break them in half with the touch of your finger. Miranda's mom had a ankle accident, realising it was never broken, but if it was, that would be havoc for the family. Miranda's family is deciding to move to Pennsylvania with their father and

(Part 2/The Question We Must Do) Survival is one of the main themes in the book, "Life as we Knew It." There are 3 majors catastrophes happening, and there are even bigger problems regarding food. As every person struggles during the crisis, everyone in the community is working the best they can to overcome the moons wrath. 

(Part 3/ The Other Question Thingy) One of the main motivations in the book, "Life as we Knew It", is food. Without food, everyone will eventually die, and there's a pretty big problem regarding food in this novel. Everyone in the community is working the best they can to stock up on as much food as possible, and undergoing dangerous things such as starvation in the process. Even though citizens are running into many obstacles, such as weather and little-to-no-electricity, all citizens are still working hard to achieve normalcy.

The End

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