Once More with Feeling

Nothing looks familiar to me. I resent this feeling. I have pride myself in being in control. Everything has a place, a function, certain logic. If anything or anyone dares move out of that framework, then it’s my job to deal with it. That’s what I do. Like Mrs. Green’s howling mutt from next door. The constant yelping and barking drove me to the brink of insanity. It wasn’t difficult to do and I was creative. It amazing what a little rat poison can accomplish.

Then there was Judy de Sousa from school. Excruciatingly smug. When He was giving out looks, she was first in line. Short on the manners though and so I taught her a lesson too! I was walking past the garbage dump when the police were bagging her. Made me smile.

But this - this is beyond me. I don’t know where I am. Yet, somehow, I am not afraid. The beauty of this place is overwhelming. A quiver of calm passes through me. I don’t hear it physically but in my head a voice is saying, “Everything is as it should be.”

 I raise my head and my eyes rest on a lone figure in the distance. Glowing magnificently. It’s Judy. I meet her smile with my own awkward one. I realise I am glowing too! She looks at me reassuringly. And then I finally get it. We’re cut from the same cloth – Judy, Mrs. Green’s dog, me, everything and everyone! We are – love. I am love!

The End

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