Doodle's Script

Tom: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Ned: Yes

Tom: Really? Are you sure?

Ned: Quite.

Tom: Alright then. What am I thinking?

Ned: You're thinking that I might be a mind-reader.

Tom: Whoa, you're right!...So are you?

Ned: Of course not! Don't be ridiculous.

Tom: Right...Well getting back to the point: when I'd asked you if you were thinking what I was thinking, I'd just come up with a brilliant idea.

Ned: I know.

Tom: You do? I thought you'd said you weren't a bloody mind-reader!

Ned: I'm not. I just assumed you had a great idea because you'd asked me if I was thinking it as well.

Tom: Thinking what?

Ned: About the great idea.

Tom: What great idea?

Ned: The one about the...oh.

Tom: Ah ha! Caught you red-handed!

Ned: Doing what?

Tom: Reading my mind!

Ned: Don't be ridiculous. You're not even thinking about the idea right now.

Tom: How would you know?

Ned: Because you've quite forgotten the idea in your attempt to prove that I'm a mind-reader.

Tom: Oh...Damn. You're right...It was a good idea too...Now I've forgotten it over a silly argument.

Ned: Don't worry. I remember it.

The End

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